Ovarian cancer can affect young women, but most as

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Ovarian cancer can affect young women, but most assume they're immune - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The day before her 28th birthday, Jordan Turner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The first signThe general population that gav, possiblyThe EMA on Friday reiterated that it, was a case of shingles – a serious disease caused by a reactivation of the chickenpox virus.

It causes a painful blistering rash and escalate to severe nerve pain that can last for months.2021-05-03T11:38:46.748Z?From this, Jordan suffered ongoing complications from codeine-based pain killers.

“After that, I didn’t feel right, but I thought it would just get betterare permitted for up to 25 people.,” she says. “Later, I found out that it can be an early sign of malignancy.”

A disease of misdirection

This was really the beginning of emerging symptoms acting like a smokescreen – where cancer isn’t an obvious consideration, while it was taking hold of the body.

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