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[solution] Yunyi prison intercom scheduling system scheme

1. Background requirements of the scheme

the project is XX prison. At present, the prison has a total of cells, transformed factory workshops, prisoner canteens, whether the ban assessment order can be received, what price should be closed rooms, prisoner health centers, family meeting buildings, monitoring and command center buildings, outdoor squares and other areas

according to the unified deployment of the higher Prison Administration Bureau, the prison will uniformly transform and upgrade the security system of the prison. The construction of prison security system includes video monitoring, intercom monitoring and alarm, emergency alarm, perimeter prevention, public broadcasting, access control and other systems. Through the prison security integrated management platform, all subsystems are integrated together, and through the unified platform for management, control and command, the interconnection and alarm linkage between various systems are realized. In case of emergency in the prison, the system starts the emergency plan, accesses and inquires the surveillance videos and all kinds of supervision information of all supervision places, cooperates with relevant personnel to command and deal with emergencies, and maintains the safety and stability of the supervision places

the prison intercom monitoring and alarm system through the intercom monitoring and alarm management server in the prison command center, the intercom monitoring and alarm module is designed in the plant, workshop, dormitory, hospital, canteen and other areas of the prison. With the help of the internal communication network platform of the prison, a set of monitoring internal intercom, monitoring, emergency help, broadcasting, alarm system is built. The system is a very important part of the construction of the prison security system, It is used for the information exchange between the prison internal managers and prisoners, the timely disposal of the prison police situation and the monitoring of abnormal crimes, so as to improve the prison security level. The system construction realizes the following functional requirements:

basic requirements: This intercom and alarm system is designed and constructed by using the original network foundation in the prison

intercom function: when necessary, the staff of each prison guard office can call the sub control duty room of the building to talk with the duty cadres. On duty cadres can also call office staff directly through microphones for intercom when necessary. Each sub control duty room can also talk to each other through microphones

alarm function: when prison guards encounter emergencies during prison patrol or find that prison inmates are under threat of violence, life attack and other dangerous situations, they will alarm through the alarm button. After pressing the alarm button, the alarm server initiates the regional emergency broadcast, at the same time, the audible and visual alarms in the cadre duty room and the multi-functional activity area are activated, and the cadres on site respond at the first time

monitoring linkage: the intercom and alarm system are linked with the monitoring system. When the intercom and alarm request is initiated, the main control room will automatically pop up the monitoring video. Cooperating with the monitoring system, the monitoring system can control the call switch, or automatically switch the monitoring screen during a call

2. Configuration of prison intercom scheduling system

this prison intercom system design adopts the intercom system based on network transmission, which uses the network platform to connect the command center and the front-end alarm points. All communication signals and control protocols are transmitted through the network, and the digital IP network intercom system based on the network is adopted. It is a pure digital audio and video intercom system, which transmits digital audio and video signals with the help of the internal network of the prison, Reduce the construction difficulty and cost in the early stage, and the audio quality reaches CD level; The system adopts advanced audio compression technology. Each set of intercom audio only occupies 35kpbs of bandwidth, and 100 sets of programs only occupy 3.5 MB of network bandwidth; At present, the intercom delay of the system is less than 35 milliseconds, which is a real-time intercom system with almost no delay; The system adopts full duplex intercom communication technology, which eliminates the problems of screaming and distortion during intercom, and achieves almost full frequency perfect intercom sound quality; The system meets the functions of intercom, alarm, recording, video monitoring, public broadcasting and electronic map; The intercom terminal adopts explosion-proof, disassembly proof and waterproof design, which meets the needs of teaching contents such as signal synthesis and decomposition, signal time-domain and frequency-domain analysis, signal modulation and demodulation, signal filtering, etc. through virtual instrument technology in a specific teaching process to achieve a perfect interpretation of the use of prison places; The system provides a secondary development protocol package (SDK package), which can connect with the prison monitoring and security platform, integrate the system into the monitoring and security platform, and realize the prison information and intelligent management

command center configuration

the command center is set in the comprehensive building of the prison. The prison intercom system has a system server in the command center for installing the prison intercom system management platform software and configuring a management machine in the command center

duty room configuration

the duty room consists of the duty room of the prison building, the duty room of the workshop, the duty room of the hospital and the equivalent duty room. The prison intercom system is equipped with a management machine in each duty room

cell configuration

each cell is equipped with a network extension, which has the functions of waterproof, tamper proof, explosion-proof, hands-free call, environmental monitoring, linkage triggering, etc., and can be externally connected with electric locks, door magnets, warning lights, etc

the design of the general command area of the space station engineering space technology experiment project of the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group

the design of the intercom system covers the public walkways, prison buildings, prisoner canteens, outdoor squares and other areas of each single building of the prison; The intercom system is divided into public address zones according to floors and fire zones, combined with the differences in the use of public address systems in different functional areas. A total of XX public address zones are designed for this intercom system. Although China has established and explored a series of plastic waste source reuse

transmission lines

help terminals from the command center to various regions, using local networks based on the internal prison, with the help of internal network communication

3. Functions of Yunyi prison intercom scheduling system

the prison intercom, monitoring, broadcasting and alarm system is a very important part of the prison digital construction. It is important to realize the information exchange between managers and prisoners, deal with the prison police situation in time, monitor abnormal crimes, and improve the safety and prevention level of the prison

the intercom system transmits audio and video signals based on the internal network of the prison. By setting intercom terminals in the command center, duty room, prison area, dormitory building and other areas, a set of voice real-time intercom, monitoring and alarm system that meets the information exchange between managers and between managers and prisoners is built; The intercom system integrates the functions of intercom, monitoring, broadcasting and alarm that meet the practical needs of the prison. At the same time, it also has advanced use functions such as voice recording, electronic map, call waiting, call transfer, video linkage, multi-party call and so on

(1) intercom function

realize intercom between managers; Realize the intercommunication between managers and prisoners; Each intercom content can be recorded and stored for a long time

(2) emergency alarm

when the dormitory needs help in case of abnormal conditions, call the center immediately through the intercom terminal with one button, request help from the center or report information, and hand it over to the center for processing, and the recording of the whole intercom process is saved

(3) designated intercom

when the sub control or command center needs to communicate with the prisoners in the prison, it can talk quickly through the intercom system in real time. There should be no adverse phenomena such as time delay and voice discontinuity in the intercom process, and the recording of the whole intercom process should be saved

(4) monitoring function

enables managers to monitor prisoners in real time, and the monitoring content can be recorded and stored for a long time

(5) broadcast function

realize that managers at all levels can operate the whole area or divisional broadcast under the network, and the normal intercom and monitoring functions will not be affected during the broadcast

(6) linkage function

the system and the monitoring video system are integrated into the security management platform. Through docking with the monitoring video system, it can realize the real-time video recording of video monitoring when the relevant area alarms

(7) electronic map function

by importing the prison plane map, the system sets the map location of the intercom terminal, so that when the intercom terminal in the relevant area talks and alarms, it can be directly located on the map

(8) multi point alarm function

the system designs the management center of the prison in the command center, and sets up the sub control management platform of the system in the duty room of each prison area. The intercom terminal of the prison area can quickly carry out real-time intercom with the management center or duty room through the intercom module button

Yunyi IP integrated dispatching system complies with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) and relevant standards of China's communication industry (YD), integrates the design concept of IP Switch with the group's functions, and has the functions of command, dispatching, broadcasting, intercom, shouting, alarm, plan, electronic map, unattended, etc. It is an ideal new type of command and dispatching, radio and intercom equipment for government, schools, petroleum, chemical industry, mining, smelting, transportation, electric power, public security, troops, coal mines and other special and large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions

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