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Solve the problem of "poison" in plastic packaging due to the reduction of particle size

whether developed or developing countries, eliminating food safety is the common direction of every country. Food safety experts believe that to eliminate food safety problems, we should start from the root causes that may affect food pollution

there are many ways to cause toxic and harmful substances in food, among which the plastic outer packaging of food, which is not qualified except for its excellent flame retardancy and electrical performance, is the most widely used and harmful

first, plastic packaging materials have an impact on food safety

in the past two decades, China's plastic packaging products industry has developed rapidly. There are not only many domestic manufacturers, but also rich varieties of products, and the quality has reached a certain high level. It is understood that almost some packaging materials in the world can be made domestically. However, in the process of the rapid development of the packaging industry, China's plastic packaging products enterprises have focused on the scale, output, physical and mechanical properties, high and low temperature resistance requirements, and medium erosion resistance, but they have not paid enough attention to the health and safety performance of the packaging materials themselves

during the visit to the domestic plastic packaging products industry, it was found that many manufacturers of composite packaging materials had some unsanitary and unsafe hidden dangers in the purchase and use of raw and auxiliary materials, the improvement of production conditions, and the testing of finished products. Even, many food manufacturers do not consider the impact of packaging materials on the health and safety of contents and human body. They only pay attention to fastness, strength, appearance and price, and at most care about whether there is peculiar smell. In short, in the past, little attention was paid to the potential impact of packaging materials on food hygiene and safety and the global environment. This is also why plastic packaging products will become a hidden danger that threatens food safety according to the development law of composite material structure and the integrated implementation process of design, analysis and manufacturing

II. Poor quality plastic food packaging seriously threatens human life safety

food safety problems brought by plastic packaging have long been common: Recently, a Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a special supervision and spot check on the commodity quality of plastic food packaging containers in the circulation field of the province, and found that the content of phthalate plasticizers in plastic containers produced by many enterprises exceeded the standard, including baby feeding tableware; In September, 2011, CCTV financial channel's "consumer advocates" column exposed that moon cake holders contain a large number of plasticizers that exceed the standard during the Mid Autumn Festival; In June, 2012, the mildew of wufangzhai zongzi exposed by the media was found to be caused by the illegal use of plastic packaging; In August, 2012, the food packaging quality survey of the International Food Packaging Association exposed that the evaporation residue of disposable plastic tableware in many large supermarket chains in Guangdong exceeded the standard

from the above events, it can be seen that poor quality food plastic packaging seriously threatens human life safety, and food packaging safety is as important as food quality. In this regard, it is believed that food producers should make more efforts in food packaging, not only to make the packaging materials excellent quality, but also to clearly inform consumers on the packaging box of the consequences of improper use. As consumers, we may not be able to control the packaging of manufacturers, but we can exercise the right to choose carefully

Third, to solve the problem of drug possession in plastic packaging products, start with the plastic packaging industry

experts from the plastic packaging products committee of the China Packaging Federation said that in order to fundamentally solve the problem of drug possession in plastic packaging products, we must start from the plastic packaging industry itself. Many of the current problems of plastic packaging products come from some lax control of production links in order to make huge profits, resulting in poor product quality and serious food pollution after entering the market, thus causing food safety problems

compared with these enterprises, some large domestic plastic packaging products enterprises deserve praise. For example, Shandong Junan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., with a 12 year history of flexible packaging production, enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. The strict control of product quality and after-sales service has attracted well-known enterprises from all over the country, as well as from Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries to cooperate with them. So far, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shandong Airlines, green run group and many other large enterprises; More than 1000 well-known enterprises and international brands around the world; As well as hundreds of store owners and e-commerce platforms, they have formed market cooperation relations with Shandong Junan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd

in China, food safety issues are highly valued by the government, but food safety issues are still emerging in endlessly. The general public hopes that such problems will occur less. However, to solve the problem of food safety, we must solve it one by one from various ways that lead to food safety. We all hope that there will be fewer and fewer food safety problems in China and that people will live healthier and healthier lives. So here, I hope that all plastic production and processing enterprises can learn from Shandong Junan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. to give people a healthy living environment

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