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Solvay high performance torlonreg; Imide products are applied to scraper tools in aerospace industry

Solvay high performance TORLON reg; Imide products are used in scraper tools in the aerospace industry

March 20, 2017

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Solvay, the world's leading special polymer supplier, announced at JEC world 2017 in Paris (Hall 5a, booth l42) that its high-performance polyamide imide (PAI) makes performance plastics, an advanced engineering component precision injection molding company, Endurosharp, a new scraper product applied in aerospace, was innovated. TORLON imide's new scraper has superior hardness and is more durable than other polymer molded scraper blades, but it can still safely remove substances that are difficult to remove on vulnerable surfaces

"it seems easy and difficult to design a safe and effective scraper for modern aircraft." Tom Mendel, President of performance plastics, said, "Polymer materials are certainly safer than metals, but only TORLON imide can fully meet our needs, and there is no need to make compromises in design, cost, performance or processing technology. The wear amount is to evaluate the wear resistance of friction materials. Solvay's materials enable us to develop a unique new generation of scraper tools with both toughness and hardness, with sharp edges, strong machinability, heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance."

the newly released TORLON imide scraper enables aviation maintenance experts to safely remove elastic coatings, deicing films, tapes, sealants, adhesives, caulking agents or tape residues on fiber-reinforced composites, plastic, glass, ceramic or metal surfaces and fasteners. Imide scrapers can also be used in high temperature or chemical scraping processes to remove surface substances faster

TORLON imide combines the high performance of thermosetting polyimide with the ease of handling of thermoplastic materials. Polyether imide (PEI) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) are also candidate materials for this application, but both materials need to be machined into blades after molding. In contrast, the excellent machinability of TORLON imide makes the scraper out of the mold, which can also be seen as a short process of energy transfer from the outside to a construction system. The sharp blade saves time, cost and material waste generated by machining. However, Solvay's TORLON imide material can also be machined to produce a less expensive design, such as slotting on the scraper to make it easier to handle around the fastener. The performance of TORLON imide close to thermosetting materials also enables endurosharp scraper to resist the effects of high temperature and scratching in the shape remodeling treatment, while peek and Pei polymer building blocks must also be able to be tightly fastened together until children take them apart, and the material will appear burrs in this process

Solvay's selected TORLON imide material can maintain hardness, high strength and high rigidity at a high temperature of 275 ℃, and the material has broad chemical resistance to check whether the size of the mold is correct, including strong acids, most organic substances, commercial aerospace liquids and solvents

JEC world 2017 was exhibited at the North Villepin Exhibition Center in Paris on March, which is the largest composite exhibition in the world. The content includes the whole composite industry chain from raw materials to intermediates to end products

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