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Solvay Design Institute signed an expansion contract with an American multinational company

on the morning of February 10, 2011, Shanghai Solvay Chemical Design Institute signed a contract with an American multinational company in Suzhou for the construction of a PVB film production line and EVA film production line at the center of the expansion project. The general manager of the commercial department of Solvay Chemical Design Institute, the Asian regional president of a multinational company in the United States and the members of the project teams of both sides jointly attended the contract signing ceremony with the increasing beneficial conditions for the export of China's plastic extruders

a multinational company in the United States is now a leading chemical group in the world. The project will transform the existing PVB film production line in the Asian production base (Suzhou) of a multinational company in the United States, expand one PVB film production line and add five EVA film production lines. Shanghai Solvay Chemical Design Institute is the EPC general contractor of the project, Undertake the production line design (including the drawing design of the process, pipeline, equipment plane and elevation layout, equipment drawing, equipment list, electrical, structure, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, HVAC and other aspects of the new production line), equipment procurement and construction of the contract factory until the start-up assessment is successful. After the project is completed and put into operation, the medium and long-term energy technology development strategy and development plan up to 2020 will be achieved. The EVA film production capacity is 12500 tons per year, and the PVB film production capacity is 25million square meters per year. The total investment of the project is 21million US dollars. The project is planned to be completed in October 2011 and put into operation in January 2012. As a general contracting company specializing in providing engineering services for chemical projects, Solvay has comprehensive service capabilities in design, procurement, construction and management. Especially for the construction of production lines in the chemical and process fields, Solvay has rich experience in design, procurement and construction, has unique advantages in complete chemical plants and process technology, and has a large number of proprietary, patented technologies and project experience. China is the world's largest plastic consumption The output and export volume of plastic products and the production and sales volume of plastic machinery are the first largest country. The mechanical and electrical equipment company and chemical construction engineering company affiliated to Solvay group have a senior industry background in the chemical industry, which enables Solvay to efficiently create value for customers at home and abroad

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