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Solve the four problems Guangdong manufacturing engine restart acceleration

the machine roared again, the engine began to rotate, and the assembly line operation was carried out in an orderly manner. In the past two weeks, Guangdong's manufacturing industry has quickly resumed production and gradually pressed the accelerator button. Data show that at present, the resumption rate of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Guangdong has exceeded 90%

can the order be guaranteed? How to solve the labor shortage? Can the supply chain keep up? Can the digital transformation be carried out synchronously? Guangdong's manufacturing industry is taking practical actions to overcome these challenges one by one in order to win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic and accelerate the resumption of work and production

the industrial foundation is the guarantee

at present, Gree masks are under trial production, and can produce millions of masks per day after mass production. In addition, Gree opened the mold of the thermometer in only 10 days, with a daily output of 20000-30000 sets. The production line of Gree Electric appliance is gradually restored, said Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric appliance

Recently, Konka multimedia industry headquarters, together with Guankang company, has urgently transformed and built a mask production workshop in Guankang, purchased fully automatic production equipment, and built a disposable flat mask production line. It is expected to achieve a daily output of 100000 masks on March 10

in the dust-free workshop of GAC group, mask production lines are neatly placed. Masks have been offline, and heavily armed workers are busy sorting out

in TCL Huaxing Shenzhen production base, dust-free needs to replace the fixture according to the different varieties of experimental pieces to be tested (plastic, metal, etc.) and different varieties of experimental methods (stretching, tightening). In the workshop, the panel production line is highly automated and the Chinese screen is produced continuously

in Galanz manufacturing base, several microswitch production lines in the workshop are neatly arranged, and the workers operate the machine skillfully, sort and take out the produced parts

in the phase II welding workshop of FAW Volkswagen South China base in Shishan town, Foshan, 949 KUKA robots are as busy as 587 employees wearing masks

since the resumption of production, the production front line of Guangdong manufacturing giant has become lively, and their pace of resumption of production is faster and faster, accelerating into the right track. As leaders, they are the epitome of Guangdong's strong industrial base

Why can the specially adjusted TPU material

be on the right track to resume production? Leading and basic guarantee are essential. A set of data shows the basic guarantee for the rapid resumption of manufacturing in Guangdong

in 2019, Guangdong's industrial added value was close to 4trillion yuan, making it the largest manufacturing province

in 2019, the output values of Guangdong's electronic information, petrochemical and home appliance manufacturing industries were 4.31 trillion yuan, 1.51 trillion yuan and 1.49 trillion yuan respectively, with strong support from trillion level industrial clusters

up to now, there are more than 55000 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the province

Guangdong has a complete industrial system and a solid industrial foundation. The demand for orders from all walks of life is still urgent. The resumption of work and production has entered a state of good soil. Insiders pointed out that

intelligent manufacturing risk reduction

at 8 a.m. on March 4, the production line of oppo Industrial Park in Chang'an Town, Dongguan was officially launched. Zhang Peng, the production line leader of oppo SMT (surface mount technology) workshop, walked into the workshop to guide the workers to complete the production work related to the core large motherboard

production capacity still depends on machines, and workers play a more assisting role. Zhang Peng said that ten years ago, only the SMT production line was automated, but so far, only the feeding link needs workers to work manually. The processes such as patch, dispensing and auxiliary materials can be completed by machines, and the automation of the production line has reached more than 99.9%. At the same time, with the material traceability system (MES), workers can also trace the quality information of the components used on each motherboard and the status of each link of the motherboard in the production process, so as to find and solve problems in time

in Shenzhen, Foshan and other cities, some manufacturing enterprises have a deeper understanding of the needs of the market and consumers with the help of industrial big data systems. We design and produce what customers need. In the process of digital transformation, manufacturing enterprises have found a balance between personalized customization and mass production

highly automated, digitalized and information-based are just a microcosm of the manufacturing production line in Guangdong. In recent years, scientific and technological forces are penetrating Guangdong's manufacturing industry at an unprecedented speed and depth, promoting the continuous transformation and upgrading of the overall industry. According to the "several supporting policies of Guangdong Province to support enterprises to speed up the development of industrial interconnection that can only measure the total force required to destroy the sample (2018-2020)", 10000 industrial enterprises will be on the cloud this year, and 200000 small and medium-sized enterprise production lines will be digitized and intelligentized; By 2022, Guangdong will implement 30 industrial cluster industrial interconnection digital transformation pilots and form 20 industrial interconnection platforms in specific fields

with the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, the production chain of Guangdong's manufacturing industry has basically achieved intellectualization, which has also laid the foundation for the overall industry to move towards the goal of high-quality development. According to the statistics of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of statistics, the high-end manufacturing industry in Guangdong grew rapidly in 2019, with the advanced manufacturing industry growing by 5.1%, accounting for 56.3% of industries above Designated Size; High tech manufacturing increased by 7.3%, accounting for 32.0% of industries above designated size

it is precisely because of such an intelligent production level that unmanned and automated production reduces the impact of the inability of all labor forces to be in place

behind the rapid recovery of production capacity, Guangdong's complete industrial chain is also a divine aid. Taking intelligent manufacturing as an example, through more than ten years of development, the industry in Guangdong Province has developed from simple assembly and processing to a complete production line with a full chain, covering wafer manufacturing, fingerprint recognition, cameras, touch screens, LCD modules, glass covers, batteries, PCBs, odm/oem, terminals and other upstream and downstream fields

according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the national output of mobile communication handsets in 2019 was 1.701 billion, of which more than 700 million were in Guangdong Province, accounting for half of the total output of the country. Globally, about one-third of the smart products are shipped from Guangdong production lines every year. Not only Huawei, oppo, vivo and other domestic brands, but also most of the production chains of apple and Samsung are contracted by Guangdong factories

insiders pointed out that the industrial production chain in Guangdong Province, including intelligence, panels, home appliances, etc., has formed an industrial layout centered on Shenzhen Dongguan Huizhou (Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou) and supported by the East Bank of the Pearl River and other cities in the Pearl River Delta. When the machine in the Pearl River Delta starts, the world industrial chain will be stable. Under the epidemic, about 15000 Enterprises above Designated Size in Guangdong have taken the lead in resuming work. A few days ago, the first China Europe train loaded with communication equipment, circuit boards and other products left Dongguan for Russia and other countries. Batch by batch of core supply chain equipment made in Guangdong has not only alleviated the urgent needs of some industrial enterprises in the province, but also partially lifted the shortage alarm of the global supply chain

enterprises in Guangdong have strong anti risk ability and rich coping experience. The word "complete" is perfect to describe Guangdong's manufacturing industry chain. On this basis, Guangdong is also constantly promoting the strong chain project, encouraging enterprises to quickly supplement the short board of the industrial chain on the basis of consolidating existing advantages

among them, in the field of chip design and manufacturing, leading enterprises such as Huawei Hisilicon and SMIC international in Guangdong Province have occupied the core competitive advantage in the launch of the intelligent industry chain Polaris in October last year through technology and product innovation. Last September, Guangdong's first mass-produced 12 inch chip production line, the Yuexin 12 inch Jingyuan project, was announced to be put into production, officially ending the history of manufacturing lack of cores in our province

industrial interconnection has strongly helped

Guangdong Unicom, Ge Chuang Dongzhi (TCL) and others launch enterprise epidemic prevention and control systems to quickly trace the health status and transportation routes of employees in the past 14 days and accurately prevent and control the epidemic

enterprises such as tree root Internet, Spirit Valley and mushroom IOT launched equipment remote operation and maintenance services. Huawei, Tencent and Jinshan provided enterprises with remote office services such as office, R & D and design, reducing the frequency of on-site operators visiting the factory

Kingdee, bangmoluo and other companies help industrial enterprises query upstream and downstream raw materials, logistics progress and price inquiry in real time, improve capital utilization and turnover, and help enterprises reduce the tension of the supply chain caused by the epidemic

Guangdong Mobile and Lenovo Group launched VPN services to help the manufacturing industry encrypt communications, ensure the safety and reliability of users' remote business systems, and ensure the security of enterprise data

this series of industrial internet war and epidemic cloud products applied to industrial enterprises and medical institutions have been glowing for more than a month. In Guangdong, the acceleration of the development process of industrial interconnection has become a powerful help for the manufacturing industry to resume production and move towards digital transformation

customize recruitment products for enterprises to help enterprises solve problems such as employee turnover and recruitment difficulties. The relevant person in charge of Alibaba cloud said. The enterprise carried out remote training for injection molding toys and household goods industry cluster enterprises, significantly reducing the number of injection molding machine operators in some enterprises

industry insiders analyzed that at present, industrial interconnection data elements are expected to become the driving force for the innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Through data collection, storage, analysis and services, optimize internal operation decisions, cooperate with external industrial chain resources, and constantly improve the allocation ability of small and medium-sized enterprises for labor, capital, land, knowledge, technology, management and other production factors, so as to relieve small and medium-sized enterprises of the difficulties of industrial upgrading, talent supply Difficulties in financing and loans provide new methods, new models and new paths

give full play to the advantages of the information industry. It is reported that Guangdong will further plan to introduce policies and measures to support the integrated development of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry such as industrial interconnection, actively explore application scenarios to effectively combat the epidemic and support enterprises to resume production, accelerate the application of new models of industrial interconnection technology by industrial enterprises, reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, and accelerate the development of manufacturing industry to digitalization, networking and intelligence

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