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Solvay expanded polymer production capacity driven by "made in India"

& EM set SP without affecting the experimental results; Solvay SA believes that its new sulfone polymer facility in India is consistent with the country's "made in India" initiative and promotes the development of local manufacturing industry

in an interview at the 2018 Indian Plastics Exhibition, company executives said that the previously announced investment in the new polyethersulfone plant in Gujarat will help promote regional innovation and meet the growing local demand

amlan DAS, managing director of Solvay specialties, India; Jitender Kumar bharihoke, managing director of polymers specialties, India; And Bertrand Loustau, vice president of Solvay (China) Asia Pacific region

Amlan DAS, managing director of Solvay specialties (India), said, "we hope the government can provide the necessary impetus for the manufacturing industry in 'made in India' to meet the development needs of polymers in this niche market."

Solvay said in October that they would build a new polyether sulfone (PESU) plant in India and invest in expanding production capacity in the United States

Das said that the company would invest about INR 5billion (EUR 62million) and planned to start production in the second half of next year

the company said that the new membrane PESU takes the needle controller as the core of the control system to subdivide the fields including medical care, including dialysis treatment and drugs, as well as water purification

Das said, "for this developing country, it is still a great challenge for clean water to have anti loose installation."

nylon opportunities

Solvay also sees the potential of the Indian automotive market, which accounts for 65% of the amount of nylon compounds used in India

Das said, "with the introduction of European automobile exhaust emission standards, the demand for special polymers in the Indian automobile industry may increase in the next few years."

company executives predict that by 2022, the local nylon Market in India will grow to 100000 tons. The company produces nylon 6 and 6/6 compounds in pannoli, India, hoping to expand its market share

jitender Kumar bharihoke, managing director of Indian poly now mers specialties, said, "Solvay controls about 8400 tons, accounting for about 12%, and may increase to 20000 tons, about 20% in the next four years. By 2022, the annual output of the entire Indian market is expected to reach 100000 tons."

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