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Solving the daily maintenance problems, the new Inda "king of road repair" is on the upsurge

solving the daily maintenance problems, the new Inda "king of road repair" is on the upsurge

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the road mileage and road age are increasing year by year, and the maintenance pressure is becoming increasingly heavy. Under the premise of Limited procurement funds, the equipment is difficult to meet the different needs of different road diseases, road conditions and ambient temperatures, which is a problem faced by many maintenance units at present

however, the road maintenance departments in Taicang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia and other places have recently found a new way to solve the problems of daily maintenance. They have introduced pm390, the "king of road construction", the "almighty star" newly developed by "highway doctor" Inda. This equipment integrates many leading designs. It can not only easily overcome many daily maintenance problems, but also has high cost performance. It can be called a "sharp weapon"

Jiangsu Taicang: how to treat abnormal road disease

variable heating walls can be repaired at a single time, breaking through the constraints of key technologies and equipment in the development of industrial structure adjustment and key industries. 5-meter cracks

asphalt pavement cracking is a common problem in all countries in the world, and the harm lies in the rain infiltration caused by cracks, resulting in the reduction of the strength of the base and subgrade. Not long ago, Jiangsu Taicang encountered this problem. According to the investigation of Taicang highway department, a total of 11827.2 meters of asphalt pavement cracks were found on the national and provincial trunk roads more than 100 kilometers within the city

choosing the right minor repair and maintenance equipment has become their most urgent need. After visiting Yingda's old customers and watching the equipment demonstration of other manufacturers, they finally selected Yingda pm390 "road repair king", known as "crack repair expert"

pm390 has a unique deployable and rotating heating wall, with an expanded width of 4.8 meters. The wall can also rotate about 180 ° and translate back and forth. The variable heating wall expands the area covered by heating to 26 ㎡, so that the transverse, longitudinal, oblique cracks and large-area cracks on the road can not escape its "palm"

Guangzhou, Guangdong: what about complex road diseases and road conditions

brt Lane disease, one hit break

as we all know, BRT lane is the most special among all municipal roads - BRT vehicles have heavy weight and load, and adopt the fixed-point parking mode of docking with the platform door. In high temperature climate, the starting and braking are frequent, and its derived road disease can be called the "difficulty in the difficulty" of municipal road disease. Guangzhou BRT, as the largest BRT system in Asia and the second largest BRT system in the world, also inevitably has potholes, cracks, ruts and other road diseases on the driveway

LEGO has been using ABS plastic to produce its landmark building blocks since the 1960s. Zhanjiang Shengli Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has introduced Inda pm390 "road repair king" to specially repair complex road diseases such as Guangzhou BRT lane. With compact design and low noise, pm390 is especially suitable for emergency repair and maintenance construction on municipal roads with complex road conditions. At the same time, it also has the largest 1.8-ton rotating heating silo in the resistance strain gauge level as the interior of the sensor. It can also work during driving and construction. Even for large-area, long-time and long-distance maintenance, there is no need to worry about the problem of material consumption

more importantly, Inda adopts Inda's intermittent thermal radiation heating technology and interlayer thermal bonding technology to eliminate weak joints and weak interfaces in the traditional milling and paving process, effectively avoid water damage, increase the shear strength of the pavement to three times that of the traditional process, and effectively delay the recurrence of road diseases such as pits and ruts in BRT carriageway

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia: what about winter maintenance

0 ℃ is still in rush repair

pavement repair in winter has always been a "pain in the heart" of road maintenance departments: mixing plants generally do not supply new materials in winter; The temperature is low in winter, so it is difficult to ensure the compactness of hot materials after they are paved on low-temperature roads. However, Chifeng Municipal Administration of Inner Mongolia introduced Yingda pm390 "king of road construction" to solve the problem of winter construction in one fell swoop

"the temperature in Northeast China is low. From October to April next year, it is impossible to carry out pavement maintenance for almost half a year. When the pipeline is repaired, the pavement can only be filled with crushed sand and gravel after excavation, and then repaired after the temperature rises next year." Talking about the original winter maintenance, liuwanjun, deputy director of Chifeng Municipal Engineering Department, said helplessly in his voice: "the quality of gravel pavement is poor. If you don't mention it, vehicles drive by and bring a piece of dust. Citizens complain constantly, and our municipal departments are also very embarrassed."

"after the arrival of pm390, we use it every day. The heating silo can supply materials quickly, which is equivalent to a" mixing plant " Director Liu happily said, "Chifeng is close to zero now, and if it had been in the past, the maintenance would have almost stopped. Now it can not only be used for road construction, but also the equipment is highly mechanized, and a 'road repair King' is equivalent to the original equipment. The emergency repair in winter depends on Yingda 'road repair King'!"

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