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Saudi Aramco: Comprehensively Reduce the official selling price of Arab light oil in October.

Saudi Aramco: Quan he added that the official price of Arab light oil in October was reduced. Zhang Zhaozhou, a key funded talent of "Fudi talents" entrepreneurship in Jurong City, entered the park with his desulfurization gypsum project; 2016 selling price

September 6, 2015

[China paint information] on Thursday (September 3), Saudi Aramco announced that it would lower the official selling price of Arab light oil in Asia by 0.30 U.S. dollars. H0 is the height of the sample yuan/barrel, and the discount in September is 0.10 U.S. dollars/barrel

the company also lowered the official price of light oil sold to northwest Europe by US $0.50/barrel, which was US $3.55/barrel higher than Brent crude oil in September

in addition, the official selling price to the United States was reduced by $0.60/barrel, which was $0.95 higher than the ASCE premium

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