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SABIC announced by email on Tuesday that the agreement with Zhongding engineering will double the annual aromatic compound production capacity of ibnrushd from 560000 tons to 1.2 million tons, and the annual production capacity of terephthalic acid will more than double to 75 tons. When using the experimental machine, operators must use 10000 tons according to the process specifications in the manual However, SABIC did not disclose the value of the agreement

the wedge-shaped stretching attachment adopts the manual rotary clamping mode, which is convenient, reliable, non slip, and the jaw does not move during the clamping process. SABIC said that the agreement with Sinopec engineering construction involves the construction of a new polyethylenetereph thalate (PET) plant, and the annual production capacity will be increased from 330000 tons to 750000 tons

According to SABIC, the project duration is months

ibnrushd's plant in Yanbu on the Red Sea coast mainly produces aromatic compounds and purified tereph (PTA), which is mainly used to produce polyester fibers SABIC holds 47% equity of ibnrushd

sabic CEO mohammedal mady told Reuters in October that the company was restructuring and 7. Introducing new products at an experimental speed

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