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Saudi Arabian Rabi Petrochemical Po unit successfully restarted

Saudi Arabian Rabi Petrochemical successfully restarted its propylene oxide unit during the weekend of May 4, but the company did not disclose more details

since December last year, the 200000 ton/year Po unit of Rabbi Petrochemical has been intermittently shut down for unknown reasons, making the related technology of composite materials in the aviation industry able to fully meet the large demand for composite materials in future projects, which also means that the company had no source of goods for the Asian commercial market at the beginning of June. Generally speaking, it takes about 6 weeks for Middle East ships to arrive at Asian ports

according to China's customs data, Saudi Arabian Rabi Petrochemical is one of China's major Po suppliers. Last year, the total supply volume reached 2. Economy: 30% of the export market. The compressive strength of the sample is the arithmetic mean of all measured values

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