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Saudi Oil Minister: the current high oil price is "unreasonable"

Saudi Arabia's minister of oil and mineral resources Naimi said on the 19th that the current high price of crude oil in the international market is "unreasonable", which is caused by market speculation

On the same day, Naimi met with visiting Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economy, agriculture and innovation Maxim fey, who said that the road resistance decreased by 27% erhahen. In March, the market demand for Saudi Crude oil decreased month on month, indicating that the supply of international crude oil market increased. In view of the current increase in international commercial crude oil inventories and production, there is no shortage of supply in the international crude oil market

he stressed that Saudi Arabia is ready to fill any market supply shortage

it is reported that Saudi Arabia reduced its daily crude oil production to 8.3 million barrels in March from 9.1 million barrels last month due to sufficient market supply after adjusting the level of experimental machines

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