The first industrial equipment procurement Carniva

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Tuotuo technology held the first industrial equipment procurement Carnival

Tuotuo technology held the first industrial equipment procurement Carnival

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Tuotuo, which was officially launched in May 2019, has been receiving extensive attention from the media from all walks of life for more than three months since its launch. As an industrial interconnection platform in the field of industrial manufacturing, Tuotuo takes industrial equipment as the starting point, and provides comprehensive services covering the whole life cycle of equipment for manufacturing enterprises with the three business segments of "equipment e-commerce platform, equipment management software and equipment maintenance services"

in module 1, the equipment e-commerce platform "Tuotuo" provides definite price decision support for equipment buyers based on the principle of clear code and real price. At the same time, it provides real name authentication for both buyers and sellers through the supervision of third-party service institutions such as China CITIC Bank, so as to ensure the capital safety of both parties. It is intended to truly facilitate the online equipment transaction and simplify the procurement process. In addition, the Tuotuo e-commerce platform with marketing as the core provides equipment sellers with access to the social marketing tool "push customers", helping sellers establish a social e-commerce link from acquaintances to unknown potential customers, so as to realize social marketing

in module 2, the equipment management software "Tuotuo +" is applied in the form of SaaS to strengthen organizational leadership and promote the "four in one" in light, fast, provincial and safety. Realize light deployment, light operation and light management, and easily complete operation management; Fast equipment spot check real-time summary, fast capacity real-time feedback, and intelligent and fast order processing; Implement cost, management personnel, statistical analysis and man hour saving; And data two places, three centers and cloud storage, to ensure the safety of equipment using enterprises. Finally, the problems such as difficult to track equipment status, difficult to adjust orders, easy to squeeze inventory and lack of data for decision-making will be solved, so that the efficiency of equipment management will be improved by at least 80%

module 3: Based on LBS technology, the equipment maintenance service module integrates social maintenance service resources, shortens service response time and reduces equipment operation and maintenance costs; Through the "didi" mode call system, the maintenance business can be matched locally, and special service can be matched on demand. 3: regularly check whether the connecting line on the rear panel of the controller is in good contact with the service engineer, so as to match the optimal resources for the maintenance demander. At the same time, through the operation optimization of data and models, accurate price estimation, we can solve the uncertain factors such as the waiting time, maintenance cost and maintenance effect of traditional equipment fault maintenance

on August 22, 2019, "923 industrial equipment procurement Carnival" held by Tuotuo will be officially launched. At that time, it will be promoted through three activities. First, "looking for the most beautiful procurement" gathers the procurement crowd of the whole industry. Through the most beautiful procurement story, the top ten are selected on the ballot. The first prize is as high as 50000 yuan, with a cumulative amount of more than 100000 yuan. Second, the "wishing pool" activity collects equipment procurement demands of the industrial industry with prizes, accurately finds industry merchants to settle in Tuotuo e-commerce according to the categories of required equipment, and finally ignites the "923 equipment procurement Carnival" activity through the matching of demand and supply. At the same time, on September 30, a "Koi" order will be selected from the orders concluded in the whole activity cycle of the procurement Festival, which can obtain a free order of up to 500000 yuan and a BMW (three-year use right). The overall budget of this activity is more than 3million yuan, which will reach more than 30million exposures, and accurately target more than 500000 industrial manufacturing enterprises and purchasers

the successful holding of "923 industrial equipment procurement Carnival" is expected to become the most influential industry procurement event in the industrial manufacturing field. It not only promotes the socialist values and positive energy to restore the real scene of procurement, presenting the charm of procurement personality, but also symbolizes the beginning of a new marketing trend of industrial equipment, and also establishes a comprehensive, transparent and reliable equipment procurement channel for manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, the "923 industrial equipment procurement Carnival" will also help Tuotuo technology truly become an equipment full life cycle service platform most trusted by industrial manufacturing enterprises, and realize our mission: to make industrial manufacturing better

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