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China's first nuclear power independent high-end maintenance project completed on June 6, China Nuclear Power Institute and China nuclear power operation jointly completed China's first nuclear power independent high-end maintenance project - Qinshan nuclear power 320 site foaming polyurethane with better performance, MWe unit pressurizer safety end nozzle surfacing maintenance project, with a qualification rate of 100%. As an important part of nuclear power technology, domestic nuclear power high-end maintenance technology has long relied on foreign countries. The completion of this project marks that China has broken the monopoly of foreign nuclear power giants on the high-end maintenance market and laid a foundation for China's nuclear power operation and maintenance technology to "go global"

high end maintenance technology focuses on nuclear island equipment, with reliable design, high degree of automation and b) trademark; Characterized by stable process and based on mitigating material degradation and removing the risk of equipment function degradation, it is a comprehensive work of integrated design, materials, welding, electromechanical, testing and other disciplines, and has high requirements on the technical level of scientific research and engineering. Tempering surfacing technology is one of the mainstream technologies for high-end nuclear power maintenance. Its essence is to form a new pressure boundary by surfacing in the risk area, so as to strengthen the local structure, improve the stress distribution, prevent damage, correct the deteriorated structure in the welding heat affected zone and ensure the function of components

in 2014, CNNC operation took the extension of Qinshan nuclear power plant license as an opportunity to start the research and development of maintenance technology for safe end takeover of pressurizer. NPI and cnnmo worked together to set up a research team to give full play to their role in reactor engineering research, design and test. The company has not revealed more details of this proprietary technology for the time being. However, due to the lack of stock and the deep strength accumulated in production, it has successfully completed the technical breakthrough around structural design, equipment development and process research and development. In december2015, "automatic tempering and surfacing maintenance technology for safe end nozzle of pressurizer" passed the review of the national nuclear safety administration

in late February this year, under the organization of China nuclear power operation, the R & D technology was organized and implemented at Qinshan nuclear power plant for the first time. After 3 months of continuous operation, the maintenance of the safety end of the pressurizer was successfully completed

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