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Product packaging: the first impression is very important

according to the survey data, more than 60% of consumers at the consumer terminal make commodity decisions based on the packaging and decoration of commodities, while housewives who buy in supermarkets tend to consume more than 45% of their original estimates due to the attractive packaging and decoration. It can be seen that packaging, known as the "first impression" of commodities, is playing an increasingly important role in market practice. Therefore, in addition to the above items, the package can also include the fifth P that is designed to be parallel to the 4P combination of marketing, making it collectively known as the 5P theory of new marketing. LEGO will invest 1billion DKK (US $152.3 million) and add more than 100 employees to examine the current knitted cotton industry. Although the role of packaging has been valued by many enterprises, due to the lack of systematic packaging strategy, there has been a misunderstanding of the marketing concept of "one packaging dominates the world". This paper will take the 4P theory of marketing and the inverse 4P theory of new marketing as the starting point to explain the packaging strategy and the standard to measure the quality of packaging

packaging and products

interpretation of the word "packaging", "package" means package, and "packaging" means decoration. As far as packaging and products are concerned, "package" in the word "package" is the key point. Good packaging must meet the requirements of "package" products. For example, in practice, according to the characteristics of knitted cotton products, the anti wrinkle, anti mildew and moisture-proof functions of packaging are strengthened to prolong the storage life of commodities. In order to make the product become a commodity that can be used to control the production quality of conditioning materials, the necessary elements such as commercial information, commodity identification, functional description and use description are fully integrated into the packaging design

select packaging materials according to product properties and characteristics, and select internal and external packaging targeted

the traditional 4P theory emphasizes observing products from the perspective of enterprises, while the reverse 4P theory of new marketing emphasizes observing products from the perspective of consumption. For packaging, from the perspective of consumers, we need to consider the following points:

packaging and price

prices are often positioned according to commodity costs and consumers' price acceptance orientation. In the "money" aspect of packaging, it also includes cost and added value of goods

in fact, good packaging does not necessarily require a high cost, and good packaging design often adds a lot of commodity value to commodities. The packaging is designed from the perspective of consumers, which is convenient for their use and carrying, and convenient for their post-use processing. The unique packaging design in line with the brand concept adds added value and brand culture to the brand

high cost packaging is not equal to high-value packaging. Packaging design that caters to the trend of green and environmental protection can provide unique charm for commodities

packaging and channel

although packaging is facing consumers, channel is the transitional link of packaging to the market. Therefore, through the communication carrier of "packaging", it is necessary to strengthen the brand, enterprise commercial elements and humanized color through necessary channels

in order to save logistics cost and circulation consumption, it is necessary to reduce the circulation time and links of packaging. If the strength allows, we can set up our own logistics center and distribution center to sincerely, openly and objectively receive the suggestions of the channel providers on commodity packaging, so that the channel providers and the enterprise can stand in the same boat, be the masters of the country, receive consumers' Evaluation on packaging through the channel providers, and timely adjust the packaging strategy

packaging and promotion

in the inverse 4P theory of new marketing, promoting brilliance is understood as how to effectively communicate with consumers. In terms of packaging, it is also an important carrier to communicate with the market. Carry out promotion combinations of products of different categories and grades, and unify them through packaging

it is true that the key points of the strategy in this paper are only the key parts of the packaging strategy, and enterprises still need to analyze the specific situations when using it. The new 5p marketing theory still needs to be experienced and analyzed in practice

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