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Guangzhou launched the first "selection of honest printing enterprises" on the afternoon of May 19, the first Guangzhou honest printing enterprise selection and mobilization conference was held in the Guanglian auditorium. More than 1300 persons from Guangzhou publishing, radio and Television Bureau, Guangzhou publishing and printing industry association and the city's printing enterprises attended the conference

The meeting was presided over by hubingguang, director of the publication market division of Guangzhou Publishing Bureau. Zhupeirong, Secretary General of Guangzhou publishing and Printing Association, arranged the selection of the first honest printing enterprises in Guangzhou, and announced the selection conditions, quota and time of the first honest printing enterprises; Wujisheng, deputy director of the publication market division of the Bureau, summarized the review and registration of printing enterprises in 2008, and arranged to welcome the Olympic Games. We carried out strict special actions among printing and reproduction enterprises, mainly to investigate and deal with the printing of illegal publications; Ling Jinkeng, President of Guangzhou publishing and Printing Association, made a speech around the work of the association and the selection of honest printing enterprises. Finally, deputy director zhouxianhua made a speech, demanding that the first honest printing enterprise selection activity in Guangzhou be well organized, giving full play to the role of the printing industry association, and encouraging everyone to establish the advantages of Guangzhou's printing industry in the new round of economic restructuring after the talks, plus the slightly warming status of the recent finished products

the mobilization meeting coincided with the national mourning day. Starting at 14:28, all participants observed a three minute silence to deeply mourn the compatriots killed in the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. At the same time, all participants actively responded to the call of the leaders of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of publishing, radio and television, actively donated money to the people in the disaster areas, and took practical actions to support the people in the disaster areas in earthquake relief. The donation scene was orderly and touching. A total of 22.5 yuan was donated at the scene. Its mechanical and technological properties were better than those of hot-rolled steel sheets by 10000 yuan. So far, Guangzhou printing industry has donated 1.836 million yuan to Wenchuan disaster area

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