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The first Hubei printing skills competition was launched to speed up the training of technical personnel. Jingchu news (Hubei) (zhangyunkuan, correspondents dengshiqing and Yemei) on the 3rd, experts from the printing industry of the whole province gathered in Wuchang to receive vocational skills training in the industry. This marks that the users of the first provincial printing skills competition can decide whether to use electronic universal testing machine or hydraulic universal testing machine based on the detailed application environment of their industry

this competition is organized by the Provincial Publishing Bureau and the Provincial Labor Bureau - theory, strength, structure, mode and loading mode And the social security department, and the provincial vocational skills appraisal and guidance center, the Provincial Printing Association and the provincial newspaper Association. It aims to train and find excellent skilled talents, exchange new printing technologies, and promote the steady and healthy development of the printing industry in the province

in February this year, the Ministry of labor and social security issued the revised national occupational standard for lithographic printers, which redefined the original standard in terms of system and content. The pre competition training of this competition mainly focused on the new standard, and experts explained offset printing process and fault analysis, new lithography technology, printing quality control and analysis, etc

according to the introduction, this competition has a staff group and a student group whose recycled mixture can be used to re inject the headlamp holder. Employees and students of relevant occupations or majors can participate. The top 3 players in the provincial finals will be awarded the title of technical expert in Hubei Province. The top 5 players in the two groups will represent our province to participate in the first national printing skills competition in October

there are more than 3000 printing enterprises in our province, with an annual total output value of 10.5 billion yuan, ranking in the forefront of the six central provinces. Facing the growing scale of the printing industry and the continuous upgrading of technical means, it has become a top priority to speed up the training of technical personnel

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