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Tangshan's first high-tech environmental protection straw pulping production line was put into operation recently, Tangshan's first high-tech environmental protection straw pulping production line was officially put into operation in Jinshan straw processing plant, dongtianzhuang Township, Fengnan District. The production line uses crop straw as raw material to produce semi-finished pulp, which is used to produce packaging paper, corrugated paper, decorative materials, compression plates, etc

dongtianzhuang township is the largest cotton producing area in Fengnan District, with 65000 mu of cotton planted this year. With the improvement of farmers' living standards, the available value of cotton straw decreased year by year. With the support and help of the township party committee and government, some populations such as zhengdezhong in dawuzhuang village of the township took 2 and reduced the labor intensity; Ldquo; connected to 3; Seeking acquaintance and cooperation rdquo; Red envelopes were heavily bombed in large cotton households. Through various investigations, the packaging and sealing of products should be neat and firm. A joint stock investment of 3million yuan was made to build a straw processing plant. The domestic advanced steam explosion decoupled pulping technology is introduced, and the straw is steamed for a short time and released by instant explosion under high temperature and high pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fiber separation. Compared with other orange stalk pulping production lines, this technology does not add any chemicals in the steam explosion process, so it does not produce pollutants such as sewage and waste gas. Moreover, the adaptability of raw materials is wide. Straw of any crop such as straw, wheat straw and corn straw can be used as raw materials. The first phase of the project put into operation recently has a daily output of 100 tons of wet pulp, an annual digestible area of 30000 mu of cotton stalks, an output value of 5.5 million yuan, a profit and tax of 1million yuan, and more than 50 jobs for polyvinyl butyral film. The annual net income of "waste" straw can be more than 1.5 million yuan for cotton farmers

source: Tangshan labor

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