The first industrial design center of China Railwa

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China railway construction heavy industry established the first industrial design center of China Railway Construction

China railway construction heavy industry established the first industrial design center of China Railway Construction

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, The "railway construction heavy industry design center" established by China railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. has passed the on-site investigation and technical review of Hunan Provincial Industrial Design Center, and has been officially approved to establish and recognized as a provincial industrial design center. This is another innovative platform steel union information report obtained by the group after the successful establishment of national enterprise technology center, engineering technology research center, engineering laboratory, postdoctoral research workstation and academician expert workstation. It is also the first industrial design center established by China railway construction

China railway construction heavy industry established the first industrial design center of China Railway Construction

it is understood that industrial design is not only the design of industrial products, but also the first process of manufacturing industry. It is a very value-added link in the industrial chain and an important way and carrier of enterprise and industrial innovation. The development of industrial design is an important measure to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, realize the innovation driven development strategy, adhere to the new road of industrialization with Chinese characteristics, and realize the transformation of industry from big to strong. Since its establishment, CRCC heavy industries has adhered to independent innovation, actively developed and expanded the core industrial design team based on the national enterprise technology center, focusing on the research on the structure, modeling, human-computer interaction and other aspects of tunneling machinery and special construction equipment products. Industrial design runs through the whole process of product design, including process design, appearance design, structure optimization, product demonstration animation The model display and other multi-dimensional use the industrial design method for the traditional underground engineering construction equipment, through CFM research, VI design and other means, to achieve the process excellence and product upgrading, and create a national brand image of high-end underground engineering equipment for the enterprise. The rapid development of industrial design has become an important guarantee for the competitiveness of the enterprise, and has played a positive role in promoting the scientific and technological progress and innovative development of the industry

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experts from Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission agreed in the review that CRCC heavy industry has strong industrial design innovation ability, distinctive testing standards, standardized management and outstanding performance, and its development level ranks in the leading position in the province. It is hoped that CRCC heavy industries will take the opportunity of the awarding of the industrial design center to vigorously develop industrial design, accelerate the pace of digital design construction, improve the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the upgrading of manufacturing industry, lead the development of the industry, strive to win dignity for made in China, build a leading global provider of overall solutions for intelligent equipment for tunnel construction, and become an enterprise industrial design center with industry demonstration. (this article is from CRCC Shaanxi Huaze new materials Co., Ltd. and works for the project company)

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