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The first domestic high-temperature broadband material electromagnetic parameter calibration system was completed. On April 5, it was learned from institute 203 of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation that the Institute has recently established the first domestic high-temperature broadband material electromagnetic parameter calibration system, which has high measurement accuracy and wide measurement frequency, and can meet the testing needs of high-temperature environment, forming the high-temperature broadband electromagnetic parameter calibration capability. Previously, the radome material high temperature broadband electromagnetic parameter calibration project won the first prize of 2016 national defense science and technology progress award

it is reported that the United States, Germany and other developed countries have established perfect material electromagnetic parameter calibration systems. However, China's material testing is still at the middle and low-end level. Although the testing equipment has basically met the domestic demand, in the high-end application field, the domestic testing equipment can not fully meet the demand

although the electromagnetic parameters of materials are relatively simple, they will change with the temperature, frequency and other external conditions. Therefore, although there are many domestic test methods at present, they do not form a comprehensive measurement capability. Different experimental results lack the preparation of standards, which fully consider the lack of comparability to meet the technical development and production needs, and it is impossible to know whether the data are accurate. The Liangping plastic Ecological Industrial Park aims at four industries by calibrating the electromagnetic parameters of materialsnbsp; Good platform construction technology can provide a basis for the research and development and finalization of materials, improve efficiency and reduce costs. The technology can be applied in the fields of electronics, aerospace, university infrastructure construction and so on, and has good economic and social value

in the next step, Institute 203 will gradually form a series of measurement and testing products according to the market demand, and will be applicable to the tensile, peel, tear, heat sealing, bonding and other performance tests of rubber, composite film, flexible packaging materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, rubber, paper and other products; It can save the experimental data and results for 6 times, and provide a lesson for the research on the measurement technology of electromagnetic characteristics of new materials

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