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The first industry journal of IOT industry has been published. Recently, iotworld ( which is eagerly awaited by readers has been launched. With beautiful pictures, thick words and unique design, the inaugural issue has built a platform for full display and information sharing for the market dynamics, technical status, corporate culture and successful experience of the industry with a twists and turns intensity of>205 MPa, attracting the eyes of readers inside and outside the industry

since Premier Wen Jiabao visited Wuxi in August last year and proposed to build a perception China Center, the word "IOT" has become a prairie fire in China. It can be seen everywhere from the central to local, from the two sessions to the WorldExpo. With the rapid rise of the IOT industry, the demand for information in the IOT industry is becoming increasingly urgent. Readers are eager for a forward-looking, timely and readable professional and practical industry journal. The industry is also in urgent need of a garden to cultivate and train IOT talents. Therefore, IOT world came into being. "Connected world" means the connected world and perceives China. With the purpose of running a speed precision industry practical magazine integrating market, technology, corporate culture, successful experience and other aspects, the magazine strives to broaden readers' horizons, interpret industry hotspots, analyze deep-seated causes, predict market trends, and give reference suggestions that are suitable for summer air drying. It is the link between the production and demand of IOT industry, and will also be the key to cultivate famous brands Prosper the service platform of IOT in domestic and international markets

it is reported that IOT world was launched by IOT media group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a senior media organization in the IOT industry. The organization has accumulated rich industry service experience and maintained good and close contact with thousands of IOT enterprises, industry alliance institutions and counterpart government units around the world. It has a number of sub industry portals of the IOT industry, such as RFID world, China all in one card, RFID global, and a number of derivative service products, such as the RFID industry encyclopedia, IOT exhibition, IOT training, and annual selection. The IOT media group also has a publicity team and a large number of authoritative expert consultants who have been engaged in communication for many years with rich experience and solid industry knowledge. It enjoys a very wide range of influence and strong credibility in the industry. Therefore, the launch of IOT world will certainly strengthen the integration of upstream and downstream resources of IOT industry, and promote the docking of demands and information exchange between IOT technology service enterprises and related product enterprises

the magazine has been launched in more than 20 mainland cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Xi'an. At present, the first batch of subscribers have received the magazine, and the electronic version of the magazine is also planned

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