The first high-speed rail from Linyi to the North

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The first high-speed rail from Linyi to the North started at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour in July. ROS is the key medium for regulating cell functions. The first high-speed rail from Linyi to the North started at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour in July. China Construction machinery information on June 13, the work promotion meeting for the Ji Lai Linyi high-speed rail project was held in Laiwu. The preparation of the feasibility study report for the Ji (Nan) Lai (Wu) Linyi high-speed rail project has been completed and will start in July. The author learned from the relevant departments of Linyi that the Jilai intercity railway will be transferred out of the cluster to link Linyi City in the south. The construction of the "Jilai Lin" high-speed railway express channel will become a link and bridge for the exchange and cooperation between the economic circle of the provincial capital city cluster and the western economic uplift belt, which is conducive to promoting the in-depth integration of the "one circle and one belt" strategy and stimulating the economic and social development of the regions along the line

it is reported that the design speed of Jilai Lingao high speed railway project has been increased from 250 km/h to 350 km/h, which will form a railway channel running through central Shandong, fill the gap that there is no express railway in central Shandong, and further optimize and improve the provincial express railway experiment. In particular, Linyi is a populous city and logistics distribution center in our province. It is connected to Linyi in the south, which not only increases the access of the provincial capital Jinan to the outside world, but also greatly improves the railway transportation capacity and operation efficiency. Promoting the slow cooling of railway construction is to reduce the internal stress of products and the sustainable development of operation. It is understood that the Jilai high-speed railway will also open the channel from Beijing to Laiwu to Shanghai, and further promote the development of regional integration

after the completion of the Jilai Linyi high speed railway, Linyi people will directly go north to Jinan and Beijing, without going west to Zaozhuang and going north. One hour to Jinan, twoorthree hours to Beijing is not a dream

according to the development plan of Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration, in, Linyi may start Binzhou Linyi express railway, Lunan high speed railway (Rizhao Lankao), Beijing Shanghai second line, Tengzhou Feixian intercity, Zaozhuang Linyi Intercity Express. We will actively build a three-dimensional transportation system connecting the East, the west, the north, and the south. The outline of Linyi "m" shaped high-speed rail is becoming more and more obvious

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