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The birth of the first high-grade titanium dioxide base in China recently, Sichuan Panzhihua Iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Jinzhou Ferroalloy regularly conducted relevant tests on their raw and auxiliary materials. The Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., jointly funded by the group, was officially incorporated in Jinzhou at a relatively uniform speed (about 1 time/s). This is the first production base in China's titanium dioxide industry that can produce high-grade titanium dioxide - Chlorinated titanium dioxide

compared with the production of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method, the production of high-grade titanium dioxide by chlorination method has the advantages of low investment, low pollution, low production cost, good quality and high production efficiency. The products are widely used in papermaking, environmental protection, automobile, coating, plastic, fine chemical industry and other fields with reasonable prices. It has become the mainstream product in the international titanium dioxide market. In recent years, the global demand has reached about 40million tons, China's annual import volume has reached 150000 tons, but 83% of the global total output of chlorinated titanium dioxide is controlled by 8 multinational companies

it is reported that among the new companies established in cooperation, Pangang invested 102million yuan, holding 51%; Jintie group takes the chlorination titanium dioxide production line of RMB 98million as the capital investment, with a 49% share participation. The new company plans to produce on November 1, striving to make the production scale reach more than 30000 tons in twoorthree years

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