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The old radiator at home rusted and lost paint. You should use an iron brush to wipe off the previous paint and brush the paint again. Then, do you know the steps of painting radiators? Brush with a small wool brush, and do not spray, because spray pollutes the room. The simple way is to polish it with sandpaper and then brush silver powder. The primer can not be polished off, because the primer is generally antirust paint plus silver powder paint, mainly for antirust and corrosion prevention. If you brush other colored paint, it is recommended that you consult the paint dealer about which paint is high temperature resistant and low volatility. Because if the high temperature is too volatile, you can't stand the smell. If you have this need, you might as well come with me to learn more about the steps of painting radiators

the problem of repainting the radiator can be solved in this way:

1. Brush the old paint on the radiator with an iron brush first, and the cleaner it is, the better

2. Polish the heating pipe again with coarse emery cloth

the above two points look troublesome, but the cleaner the foundation layer is treated, the better the service life and effect will be after painting again

3. I personally think there are two kinds of heating paint are good

a, Nippon 9000 heating paint has high brightness and smooth hand, but its environmental protection is poor. It can eliminate the smell about five days after brushing.

b, Fuya's professional heating paint has no brightness, delicate hand and good environmental protection

c, it is best to use a special heating paint, which can resist high temperature, does not peel, does not crack, and many brands have it


1 Dufang heating paint, water-based, environmental protection, no need to add thinner, tasteless, expensive

2. I really don't want to spend more money. I can use enamel. Nippon 9000, camel, chrysanthemum, giraffe and other brands have it. I feel the same

OK, let's start painting the radiator after choosing the heating paint. Remove the heating rust at least twice before brushing

radiator painting tools

tools and items needed: from left to right, sandpaper or gauze (for grinding), brush, pencil (used for corners that are difficult to brush when disassembled), Fenlin paint high temperature resistant paint (color paste is used for color matching, 1 liter/barrel can be used to brush 30-50 column heaters), plastic bucket (used for paint)

the steps of painting radiators are very simple:

① grinding. Gently polish the radiator surface with gauze in order to make the surface smooth, and then wipe it with a rag

② brush primer. If there is no rust or the rust is very slight, it can also not be brushed, which saves both material and time. It can also play a certain covering effect to brush several times of finish paint on individual rust spots

③ apply finish paint. If you have already applied the primer, you must wait 4-6 hours for the primer to dry before applying the topcoat. The top coat is Finnish imported Fenlin high temperature resistant paint, which can be directly brushed after being diluted with about 10% water. It is absolutely environmental friendly, has no taste, and will not burst and fall off. You can adjust any color you like

editor's summary: the above is the details of the steps of painting radiators. Decoration classic: the introduction of metallic paint should be selected for painting heating pipes. I hope it can help friends who need it in this regard! For more information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to the mall to buy more products you like




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