How to choose the tea table in the living room

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When choosing furniture, people often ignore the importance of the tea table in the living room. The tea table not only has the function of storage, but also is one of the essential furniture in the living room, so you should pay more attention when choosing. When choosing a tea table, we should not only consider its function, but also consider whether its style matches the overall decoration style of the living room. Next, I'll explain how to choose the tea table in the living room and the Feng Shui taboo in the tea table in the living room. I hope I can help friends who need this

how to choose and buy the tea table in the living room

1. Choose the material according to the style

the common tea table materials are: glass, solid wood, marble, rattan art, etc. At present, marble is the most popular

2. Functional changes gradually

with the fast-paced lifestyle, many office workers are not interested in doing housework. If there are many things placed on the tea table, try to choose a tea table with better carrying capacity; At the same time, we should also consider whether the tea table is coordinated with the placement

3. Choose the size according to the sofa

choose the size of the coffee table according to the sofa. Small space is not suitable for magnifying the coffee table, which will dominate the guests; Large space is not suitable for small tea tables. The meeting head is heavy and the feet are light; The tea table is higher than the sofa, which looks neither fish nor fowl; The tea table is lower than the sofa, which will affect the beauty. Only proper coordination can show perfect visual effect

4. Consistent with the overall style of the living room

as for the choice of color of the tea table, it is suggested to give priority to bright colors, which are best suited to the overall style, so as to achieve visual beauty and functional practicality. Put a pot of green plants, so that the whole living room is full of vitality

5. Pay attention to the safety of the tea table

for families with children or the elderly, pay attention to the safety of the corner of the table. It is recommended to choose smooth edges and corners. Don't put too heavy items on the tea table. Because of the high frequency of use, pay attention to regular maintenance

precautions for placing the tea table in the living room

1. When guests visit, the sofa is the main thing, supplemented by the tea table, and the tea table cannot be higher than the sofa. The sofa is a mountain and the tea table is water. Only when the two are matched with each other can they conform to the way of Feng Shui

2. The tea table should be placed in front of or on both sides of the sofa, which can solve our storage problem at the same time. Pay attention to daily cleanliness, which will affect home feng shui

3. The sofa is large and the tea table is small. Incongruity is not conducive to Feng Shui. Such a pattern does not augur well

4. It is recommended to choose rectangular or circular tea tables, and do not choose irregular tea tables, otherwise it is easy to produce evil spirit and affect the good feng shui at home

5. The tea table should not be opposite to the gate, and it is best to avoid this pattern. It is suggested to set a screen at the porch and put a pot of leafy plants to cover it

6. The tea table should be placed in harmony with the whole, regardless of level and space

editor's summary: the above is how to choose the living room tea table. I hope to help friends who need it! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future




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