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At the beginning of 2012, Edison Asia Pacific acquired New Zealand Pacific ink company, Edison Company (fully helping major manufacturers to further improve the safety and convenience of consumers, the functionality and environmental protection of products, and improve cost control DIC) has made a large acquisition in the Asia Pacific region: the company through the wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore - dicasiapacificpte, director of the testing department of Edison Asia Pacific Inspection Center, The acquisition of all businesses of Pacific Ink Co., Ltd. in New Zealand will help strengthen Edison's packaging ink business in the Asia Pacific region. Edison is also the parent company of Sun Chemical

Pacific ink company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. Do not install other utilization software in Oceania. Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom have their own branches. According to the company, through the business relationship between the parent company and the regional sub assembly plant, the production capacity can be significantly improved. Pacific ink mainly provides packaging ink for the corrugated box industry. The environmental friendly water-based flexographic ink claimed by the company has a good reputation

in the coming period, the demand for packaging ink in the Asia Pacific region is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of about 10%. Edison said: "This acquisition will expand Edison's products to the field of water-based flexo printing inks, and also help strengthen Edison's position in the Asia Pacific region, where environmental awareness is growing rapidly. After the acquisition, Pacific ink's accupatch series inks, combined with Edison's own full range of products and global sales system, can enable Edison to respond effectively to the growing demand for packaging inks."

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