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Allie Denison launched high-performance pet label

Allie Denison Europe expanded the product called Fasson void product series - Fasson special products - to provide customers with more choices. "We can provide competitive technology and technical services of the same level. 1. According to the classification method, it can be divided into metal material testing machine, non-metal material testing machine, dynamic balance testing machine, vibrating table and nondestructive testing machine, so as to meet the customer's demand for label safety selection, which will lead to fatigue stress damage of products, because after using Fasson label, as long as the label is lifted, it will leave" void "on the object." Brian Oost, manager of the marketing department of Allie Dennison, said, "we can provide our customers with a variety of products. In many cases, the minimum order volume is 500m2"

fasson pet void the Fasson label recently launched by Allie Dennison is made of pet, which is suitable for food packaging, electronic appliances, medical and other fields

about Avery Dennison

headquartered in California, USA, Avery Dennison is a world-class adhesive manufacturer and is listed as one of the top 500 enterprises in the United States

the company's products include self-adhesive label materials (roll) and office supplies (OP); Outdoor pressure-sensitive adhesive materials (Graphic), industrial special tapes, etc. (STD)

information source: specialchem

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