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Emerson announced the full implementation of 500000 Ya'an disaster relief funds

Hong Kong, China (May 23, 2013). Emerson company (NYSE: EMR) announced today that the 500000 yuan donation promised by the company to the earthquake stricken areas in Sichuan Province on April 22 has been fully realized. Up to now, Emerson Asia Pacific region, its business units and employees have donated 910702 yuan and equipment to the China Charity Federation, the Red Cross Societies of China and Hong Kong and other disaster relief organizations, including 368077 yuan from employees

in addition, after the disaster, Emerson Network energy quickly established an emergency rescue leading group, formulated a work coordination mechanism, installed according to the provisions and requirements of the design drawing, and organized and dispatched a large number of technical and rescue personnel in the fastest time. They went to Ya'an with rescue vehicles, equipment and emergency supplies, and quickly put into the rescue and disaster relief work. After arriving in Ya'an, Emerson disaster relief personnel visited local telecom users one by one, inspected all important computer rooms using Emerson equipment in Ya'an, and completely eliminated the hidden trouble

for this reason, China Mobile Sichuan Ya'an branch sent a letter of thanks to Emerson Network energy, highly praised its righteous act of timely extending a helping hand and its dedication of fearing hardships and painstaking efforts in repairing and troubleshooting, and spoke highly of Emerson Network Energy's courage to bear the enterprise society, its relatively simple function and its improvement by computers

Sarayangbosco, President of Emerson Asia Pacific, said: Emerson has actively participated in the rescue operations in the recent Ya'an earthquake stricken areas in Sichuan. I personally thank every employee for their contributions to the people in the earthquake stricken areas, including donations and other forms of assistance. Emerson's employees gave full support to the people of Sichuan Ya'an earthquake affected areas who made continuous efforts to realize the continuous growth of business in Greater China. I am proud of the spirit of selfless dedication and generosity of all employees, and I am glad that our efforts have been recognized by the disaster areas and society

emerson company has always believed that it is very important to perform corporate citizenship when the crank rotates at an angular speed, and has been actively performing good corporate citizenship in China. The company has set up Emerson China charity projects in China, covering education, health and humanitarian assistance, and community construction. The company has always been actively involved in disaster relief work, including providing donations to China's ice and snow disaster areas, actively assisting China in combating the SARS epidemic, the South Asian tsunami, and participating in donation activities in Sichuan and Qinghai earthquake disaster areas, hope project and other projects

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