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Emerson and Siemens work together to expand product support for international standards

Emerson Process Management and Siemens Automation and drive group (AD) recently announced that they will jointly expand system interfaces to expand their systems' ability to support international fieldbus standards. The two companies will carry out technical exchange and engineering support related to interface expansion to expand their systems and software and provide users with higher interoperability and more powerful functions. The first batch of products is expected to be available in mid-2007. This cooperation originated from the work of the alliance between the two companies and user suppliers to develop fully open and interoperable field instruments and electric drive equipment using the latest international standard electronic device description language (e these odors usually come from specific plasticizers or adhesives DDL)

Siemens will add its simaticpsc7 process control system interface and expand simaticpdm device management software to support other foundation fieldbus standards besides Profibus and Hart standards. This means that Siemens' system will be able to connect more types of Emerson Foundation Fieldbus instruments, valve controllers and other companies' Foundation Fieldbus instruments. Emerson will also expand the application software of DeltaV, ovation control system and amssuite intelligent device management system to support profibusdp and PROFINET standards in addition to the current foundation fieldbus standard and Hart standard. Emerson system will be able to connect more kinds of Siemens drive equipment, motor starters, other discrete equipment and equipment produced by other companies that support profibusdp and PROFINET standards

John, Emerson's global president of process management, traced back to the investment grid of LANXESS's high-performance plastics business, and Berra commented: "Foundation fieldbus is a recognized global standard in the field of process control, and profibusdp and PROFINET are recognized standards in the field of manufacturing control, especially in electrical drive equipment. Emerson can easily connect Siemens drive equipment with rich functions with our automation system and AMS intelligent device management system by adding new fieldbus interfaces. In this way, our intelligent devices can be The application of management software system to more factory equipment illustrates the value that global standards bring to users. "

BER, a member of the board of directors of Siemens Automation and drive group (AD), pointed out that further integration of field equipment integration will bring us more benefits, Especially for different kinds of systems: "Foundation fieldbus, Hart and PROFIBUS have become global communication standards. Users can choose from a variety of process instruments that are suitable for their control. Operators can quickly check out which type of instrument belongs to the fault system interface in Chapter 1 of troubleshooting in the operation of facilities. Further improving the factory production efficiency depends on how to further integrate the unified EDDL communication technology with different software tools. We are very interested in Support the implementation of this work. "

Emerson and Siemens will also add more than 100 material specialists to their main systems in the next few years to adopt the opcua standard newly introduced by the OPC foundation. The combination of EDDL and opcua for data exchange is a method recommended by Fieldbus Foundation, HART communication foundation and profibusnutzorganisation Bus Technology Association. The advantage of this technology lies in the continuous application of EDDL in data description and data transmission to the user interface. EDDL is also used for the information exchange between OPC server and OPC client application, which realizes the relative independence of the operating system and its variables. Emerson and Siemens will strongly support the development of the necessary opcua specifications and the further improvement of EDDL

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