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AkzoNobel will expand the construction coating production plant in Shanghai

according to the national coating industry information center, AkzoNobel Swire paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has planned to expand its construction coating production plant now located in Songjiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai. According to coating technology and abstracts, the production device was originally built by CI paint group, a joint venture between CI paint group and Hong Kong Swire paint group, that is, bonamen Swire paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in January 2008, AkzoNobel officially completed the acquisition of ICI, and the joint venture was renamed AkzoNobel Swire paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. but it is generally bearish on the future market, Continue to produce Dulux brand architectural coatings and other products. Secondly, in the field of cathode materials, no new production workshops and warehouses will be built in this expansion, and the expansion of production will be achieved mainly by increasing the production time. The proportion in GDP will strive to reach about 15% in 2020. After the completion of the project, the total production scale of AkzoNobel Swire paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. water-based wall coating will reach 120000t/A

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