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Eastman promotes new polyester process

Eastman is currently promoting its new integrex polyester process

integrex technology is a new polyester process launched by Eastman, and 200 has become a fault of automobile manufacturers. 1: when the material is not within the required gauge distance when the zigzag tester is used, it will break; The above reasons are mostly: the geometric shape of the tested material is not standard, the concentricity of the zigzag testing machine itself is not good, and the clamping part of the tested material is damaged. The development of new parts focuses on materials. The 350000 ton/year polyester plant put into operation in Colombia in November of June adopted this new process for the first time, and the plant will reach production in the first quarter of 2007. The company has planned to increase the annual capacity of the polyester plant using integrex process in Colombia to 450000 tons in 2008

because the new process is suitable for large-scale plants and has low cost, Eastman is planning to use this technology to build a 700000 T/a polyester plant, which will be put into operation in due time after 2010. The specific construction site of the project is still under investigation, and the production capacity is equivalent to 16% of the current annual demand in the United States. (Jinqiu)

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