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Emerson CT actively participated in the 2010 Shandong Automation Exhibition

recently, the 9th China (Shandong) international industrial automation application technology exhibition came to a successful conclusion in the exhibition center of Jinan high tech Zone. The exhibition is the only one jointly held by Shandong Provincial People's government and China Machinery Industry Federation in Shandong. It is one of the most representative and influential exhibitions in Shandong. It has been successfully held for nine consecutive sessions

Shandong is a major manufacturing province in China. At present, it is moving towards a strong manufacturing province and is in a critical period of technological transformation. Various industries have a large demand for new technologies and new equipment, and put forward higher requirements for automation systems. This automation exhibition focuses on the energy-saving and efficient utilization industry: the proposition of helping the sustainable development of industry, which has attracted many well-known enterprises at home and abroad

this exhibition is divided into four professional exhibition areas: industrial control and automation exhibition area, factory automation equipment exhibition area, instrument exhibition area and nondestructive testing exhibition area. As a leading supplier of AC and DC drives and drive control system solutions in the global industrial control industry, Emerson CT actively participated in this event

during the exhibition, Emerson CT and many enterprises generally adopt ball screws? Partners Jinan chuangjie and Jinan yonglitai company showed Emerson CT's Commander SK, SP, ev1000/2000/3000/6000, HMI, temperature controller, PLC and other industrial automation products in an all-round way through prototype display, technical explanation, promotional film broadcast and other means, and made publicity and introduction to all guests attending the meeting on their extensive and excellent performance in steel, chemical industry, thermoelectricity, elevator, machine tool and other industries

Emerson CT company has been committed to the field of industrial automation in China. It has a complete product development, manufacturing, sales and service platform, and is capable of providing customers with the best products and considerate and convenient services according to the introduction of the police. With the help of the exhibition publicity activities, while promoting the overall brand image of Emerson CT, it also enhanced the communication and understanding of Emerson CT and its partners on various industries and customers

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