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Emerson and exida launched SIS configuration tool on October 31, Emerson and exida announced the launch of DeltaV SIS configuration tool, an exidaexsilentia tool that automatically generates deltavsis configuration. On October 31, Emerson and exida announced the launch of DeltaV safety instrumentation system (SIS) configuration tool, an exida exsilentia tool that automatically generates DeltaV SIS configuration. By pairing the built-in DeltaV function with exida's functional safety integrated software tool, users can develop safety logic configuration more quickly in just a few steps, which can not only reduce the time and energy spent by the project team on safety system configuration, but also provide more consistent configuration with fewer errors and less rework

in the traditional SIS configuration, the project team adopts the safety requirements specification (SRS) and the corresponding cause and effect matrix (CEM) as the basis of system configuration. CEM data needs to be interpreted manually and compiled into safety logic to configure the system. This configuration mode requires multiple stages of data input, which will consume too much time and may lead to human errors. The new DeltaV SIS configuration tool uses the data structure generated in the process of safety instrument function (SIF) conceptual design, safety instrument level (SIL) verification and SRS to automatically generate safety system configuration

"with the help of DeltaV SIS automatic configuration tool, logic programming takes only a small part of the time, so that the conceptual design of SIS can be finalized before programming starts, which eliminates any rework caused by changing requirements, and also has a significant impact on the project progress." Iwan van beurden, chief technology officer and director of product development department of exida, said

using SIS automatic configuration tool, there is no need to input data in multiple tools; With one input into exsilentia, the automation tool can convert the information into DeltaV safety logic configuration, including SRS data, SIF definition and SIL verification data of production bases and R & D centers in the United States, Europe and Asia

"using SIS pressure testing machine, also known as electronic pressure testing mobile configuration tool, from Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the project team can complete accurate safety logic with minimal programming." Emerson automation solution de this is the reason why harmonics are not valued by most users. Sergio Diaz, product marketing manager of ltav sis, said, "less data input means a higher degree of consistency between engineers, which will greatly reduce confirmation time and speed up startup."

"By minimizing the need for manual data input and automating other key steps, this jointly developed solution solves some key difficulties. Balancing good mechanical performance, efficient self-healing effect and excellent optical performance is a challenging difficulty, which should help end users more effectively design and implement safer systems, maintain these systems, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations And standards. " Said Mark Sen Gupta, director of research at arc consulting group

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