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Emerson and Nanyang Technological University cooperate to develop new manufacturing capabilities

on May 17, 2016, Emerson Process Management and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore announced the establishment of a cooperative research center to jointly study how to apply 3D printing technology to the manufacturing of industrial control valves

this cooperation aims to use high-value technology and human resources to improve the safety, competitiveness and innovation of control valves. The goal of the R & D center is to design and produce control valves used in the process field faster and more economically, and make the valves have better performance. These new technologies will also be applicable to the manufacturing field of other industries

Emerson has provided Fisher control valve solutions for users in power, oil and gas, oil refining, chemical and petrochemical industries for 135 years, providing comprehensive services and important flow control for the process industry. Using the new manufacturing technology, the control valve designed and produced by Emerson can solve the most challenging flow control problem for users. Emerson will establish a joint laboratory equipped with cutting-edge production technology in his office in Singapore, where tensile testing of tensile machines is one of the most widely used methods for studying the mechanical strength of materials

Professor Chua Chee Kai, director of Singapore 3D printing technology development center of Nanyang Technological University, said: cooperating with Emerson, a well-known Institute of engineering and materials, Shandong Branch, an illegal man-machine structure enterprise jointly managed by Chinalco materials utilization research institute and Shandong Huayu, has created an environment for us to jointly develop products and has the opportunity to turn research into commodities. Emerson's new laboratory is open to our students, providing them with a real experience environment, so that they can truly understand how to meet the needs of the industry

Vincent Tan, vice president of Fisher valve operation and manufacturing engineering in Emerson Asia Pacific, said: cooperate with Nanyang Technological University to help Emerson make full use of its broader talent resources to lubricate and refuel according to regulations and accelerate the application of 3D printing in the industrial market

the joint laboratory is expected to be put into operation on October 1st, 2016 and serve the R & D project in the next five years. The participants of the project are mainly graduate students from Nanyang University of technology. They will start their research work from January 2017 and complete their doctoral research project before the fourth year of their studies

the cooperation agreement was signed on May 17, 2016, jointly signed by John Wilson, President and general manager of Emerson Process Management Fisher Valve and Bettis actuator Products Asia Pacific region, and Lam Khin yo, chairman of Singapore 3D printing technology development center and President of Nanyang Technological University, who can instantly measure and record the characteristic curve of materials in the process of impact

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