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100 orders! The Taizhou muck truck delegation entered XCMG heavy truck

100 orders! In order to further expand the Taizhou muck truck market, enhance customers' awareness of the muck truck of XCMG, and enhance the reputation of the muck truck transportation products of XCMG in the southern Jiangsu market, local dealers, together with professional users and heads of relevant departments, carried out the activities of muck truck inspection team members to visit and experience XCMG, It was warmly welcomed by Han Yuejin, general manager of the marketing company, and other leaders. A total of 100 orders were obtained in this inspection and experience activity

the members of the delegation visited automatic stamping equipment, welding robots and automatic assembly lines to learn more about the development history, existing product pedigree and process manufacturing level of XCMG heavy trucks. Everyone was not only amazed at the use of highly intelligent and modern production water electronic tensile testing machine in metal, steel and aluminum foil materials, but also surprised at the rapid development of XCMG heavy trucks, and also strengthened their confidence in walking hand in hand with XCMG

The production equipment of XCMG heavy truck is advanced and intelligent, and the production process is safe and efficient. The products produced in such a high-level workshop are naturally guaranteed

after visiting the workshop, everyone learned about the vehicle in front of the product and had a test drive with great interest. Affected by the implementation of environmental protection policies in various regions, the iteration of residue truck products accelerated. XCMG heavy truck aimed at the market demand and launched nearly 60 types of chassis for the market segment to meet the operation needs of different residue trucks from 245 HP to 430 HP, from 5.2 m containers to 8.8 m containers. Hanfeng G7 natural environmental protection muck truck solves the secondary pollution problems of dust, sprinkling, dripping and tail gas of the old muck truck, and has a higher degree of environmental friendliness

XCMG heavy truck also provides customers with a personalized one-to-one financial loan scheme, and promises to provide one-stop nanny service to escort customers' operation attendance. After careful demonstration, customers have gained high cost-effective products that meet their own working conditions. The inventory of polyurethane materials used in spinal non fusion stabilization surgery has received orders for 100 units in succession

at present, XCMG heavy truck has launched the fourth generation of intelligent muck truck, and as the only enterprise representative, it has made recommendations on the production and use of reinforcing materials at the dust control working conference of high-end products in the development of provincial construction soil. XCMG heavy truck will always adhere to the commitment of "making the world a better place", continue to improve product quality and service quality, and protect the green waters and mountains with products that are "technologically advanced and indestructible" and the good life of urban residents

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