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Eastman Kodak pre-sales technical support Huang Dacheng: digital printing

on October 10 and 13, 2010, at the press conference of China 2011 Greater China media week, held at Houjie international hotel in Dongguan, most of the print cartridges did not need to be cooled, Eastman Kodak pre-sales technical support Huang Dacheng made a wonderful speech around the theme of digital printing, While fixing the spinal segment without completely restricting the mobility, imankoda will participate in the second China (Guangdong) International Printing Technology Exhibition (Print China 2011) held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Dongguan from April 9 to 13, 2011. Please look forward to the lithium manganate battery accounting for the highest proportion of new energy buses in the recommended catalogue

Kodak is one of the major players in the information and imaging industry, with a market value of $385billion, including equipment (such as digital cameras and handheld computers), infrastructure (such as networking and image processing systems), and services and media (such as software for accessing, analyzing and printing images, film and photo paper). Kodak uses advanced technology, broad market coverage and a series of industry partnerships to provide customers with innovative products and services to meet their needs for the rich information contained in images

Kodak nExpress is the brand of digital printing press of Kodak company. The predecessor of Kodak nExpress was jointly founded in 1998 by Heidelberg, a giant in the printing equipment manufacturing industry, and Kodak, the commander of the imaging industry. It produces and sells a series of color, black-and-white high-speed digital printing equipment and related software, and is committed to providing industry consulting services and solutions to global customers. The cooperation of the two giants in the industry makes Kodak nExpress the most dynamic and competitive company in the field of digital printing today. In May, 2004, Kodak officially made nExpress a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kodak by purchasing the equity of Heidelberg company in nExpress and Heidelberg digital printing business

Kodak NEXPRESS Se series digital printing machines, including Kodak nExpress SE3600, SE3000, SE2500 and s2100 production digital color printing machines, can print 5-color digital at the speed of 2100 to 3600 pages per hour or 70 to 100a4/letter pages per minute. Bringing a new level of modularity to the digital production color market, the new SE grade nExpress printer can provide flexible cutting-edge options, input and output accessories, unique safety application functions and field scalable features. These options allow printing service providers to provide unique application range, increase more printing volume, and grow their business. The modular features of the new printing system include the option of an input feeder with a capacity of up to 11000 sheets, printing with five different substrates at the same time, and the ability to perform sheet and roll feeding in the same printer. The output option supports multiple high-capacity outputs, direct embossing technology at the same time as printing, glazing and local glazing technology, and riding nail binding. The near line Kodak nexglosser calendering unit not only increases the aesthetics, but also protects the printing surface

using the unique imaging technology of nExpress platform, anti-counterfeiting printing applications can be realized. These options include magnetic ink character recognition, or MICR printing. You can directly use white paper to print prints with security and anti-counterfeiting needs, without the old cumbersome pre printing process. Such as checks, promotional rolls, etc. Kodak's proprietary variable data micro character printing technology can attach security information to documents such as checks or coupons and coupons. In addition, static and variable data watermarking using Kodak nExpress fifth imaging unit solution is another form of security anti-counterfeiting printing that can be applied to documents. These applications provide printing suppliers with new capabilities to provide outstanding services to current users, or expand into new market space to enhance their printing volume

as part of Kodak's principle that print suppliers can make full use of their printing investment, nExpress grade printing can also be upgraded on site to add color imaging units, input/output options from a few minutes to 10 hours, and improve output speed. The enhanced technical features included in the award-winning S3000 are now available in other printers in the S-class series

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