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Emerson: create a full range of solutions to deal with data center innovation

at present, information technology has been widely used in various industries, and has achieved deep integration with user business processes. Data center has become an indispensable part of the development of user business in the industry. With the continuous rise and mature application of new technologies such as cloud computing, IOT, big data and 4G, the data volume of it user information systems in major industries and enterprises is also increasing, and the systems are becoming increasingly large and complex, which makes the challenges faced by data centers increasingly severe

specifically, with the wide application of various new technologies, the scale of the data center is becoming larger and larger, its equipment deployment shows the characteristics of high density, high energy consumption and isomerization, and the operation and maintenance management is becoming more and more complex. Therefore, the requirements for the operation efficiency, reliability and energy saving of the data center are becoming higher and higher, and a new operation state of a new generation of data center with green energy saving, efficient operation and dynamic response needs to be built, Meet changing it needs. In this context, critical infrastructure applications have brought high requirements. Industry users urgently need innovative products and solutions that can meet the application needs of the new situation to meet the current challenges and effectively solve the practical problems faced by the data center

in view of the new development trend of the current data center and the actual needs of industry users, Emerson Network energy, one of the mainstream network energy equipment and integrated solution providers in the industry, believes that according to the starting point of the construction of the industry users' respective data centers, whether from a tactical point of view or from a strategic point of view, based on scientific and mature methods, targeted products and solutions are adopted, Building a solid infrastructure platform is crucial to ensure that the data center successfully meets the challenges, so as to provide a reliable guarantee for the smooth development of user business

at the 2014 China International Data Center technology and equipment exhibition, Emerson Network energy made a wonderful appearance with its full range of data center advantageous products and solutions, comprehensively demonstrating the company's strong production and R & D comprehensive strength in the field of data centers to the industry. Its high-quality products and solutions covering all levels of the data center shine brightly at the exhibition, attracting great attention from the exhibition audience

for a long time, Emerson Network energy has always regarded the data center business as an important part of the company's long-term strategic planning, and paid more attention to the data center market. At the same time, on this basis, Emerson Network energy has continued to invest in technology research and development after years of efforts, from power products and refrigeration equipment to a variety of solutions to meet the application needs of data centers of different sizes, From power management system to data center infrastructure management solutions, we constantly launch appropriate products and solutions according to the latest market changes and user needs, providing a solid guarantee for the stable development of the core business of users in various industries

for example, with the special advantages of a comprehensive product line and rich implementation experience, Emerson energy has launched the latest smart solutions series of intelligent data center solutions, which are based on the development trend of IT technology, combined with the application needs of IOT, big data, cloud computing, and adopt modular and other innovative technologies to create a highly targeted data center solution. The project adopts the steel structure technology construction project, from power supply and distribution Implement the most critical data center infrastructure such as refrigeration and monitoring. As an integrated, prefabricated and easy to deploy solution, smart solutions accelerates implementation by configuring interoperable systems, adapts to changes and reduces costs, enables customers to achieve the required capacity, efficiency, availability and other key data center goals in a cost-effective manner, and brings customers the core application value of high reliability, high flexibility, high economy and high collaboration in actual operation. Importantly, smart solutions includes a variety of high-quality solutions, which can be applied to different occasions on demand. The mixing ratio of long glass fiber and long carbon fiber can be customized according to the utilization requirements to meet the different needs of users of different sizes according to specific conditions

in addition, aiming at the increasingly urgent needs of data center management, Emerson Network energy has created a trellistm dynamic infrastructure optimization platform with the ability to span it and physical infrastructure, which has brought new application value to the operation and management of data centers. Trellistm platform is a complete data center infrastructure management solution composed of a new set of hardware and software. It provides outstanding visibility and controllability for the data center by collecting a large number of data from it infrastructure and key infrastructure equipment in real time, and then analyzing and aggregating them into simple and effective functional modules for users. The collected data information presents the performance of the data center as a whole rather than an independent part, which can help the data center managers make intelligent and fast decisions, ensure the safety of laboratory personnel and equipment, and thus improve the availability, efficiency and capacity of the data center to a greater extent

now, facing the great innovation of the industry, the development trend of the new generation of data center is becoming increasingly clear. Its characteristics of safety, reliability, flexibility, efficiency, green and energy saving are favored by users in various fields, which also drives the research and development of related application products. At the 2014 China International Data Center technology and equipment exhibition, many brand manufacturers brought the most advanced application technology and innovative products and solutions in the data center field. Emerson Network energy, which is at the forefront of technology, won the first prize at the exhibition with its complete series of products and solutions. The full data center products and solutions created by Emerson Network energy not only conform to the new development trend, but also fully consider the return on investment, construction cost, operation cost, availability, scalability, manageability and other actual conditions of user data center construction, providing strong support for the construction of data centers in various fields

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