How to reduce the oil consumption of agricultural

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How to reduce the oil used by agricultural tractors

first, maintain the air filter. Maintain the air filter frequently, and do not wrap the air with cloth or other objects. 3. When lifting and pulling down the fixture, the action should be stable and avoid collision. Always check the tightness of the fixture screws. The air filter should keep the air inlet of the filter smooth, so as to reduce the air inlet resistance

second, do not change the direction of the exhaust pipe. Do not change the direction of the exhaust pipe at will, so as not to increase the exhaust resistance and increase the fuel consumption of the engine communication subroutine, including the communication between the lower computer and the upper computer, and between the lower computer and the single chip microcomputer

III. regularly adjust the valve clearance. The valve clearance should be adjusted frequently. If the corresponding angle of valve distribution decreases due to the wear of the gear camshaft of the engine, the valve clearance should be appropriately reduced (not 0.2mm) to make up for the reduction of the phase angle of valve distribution. If the camshaft is severely worn, it should be replaced in time

IV. adjust the clearance of each transmission part. Adjust the fitting clearance of each transmission part of the locomotive correctly to reduce the power consumption of the transmission part, so as to reduce the fuel consumption and production cost

v. don't overload and sprint. Correctly select the traction load, and do not overload, overspeed or run empty

VI. maintain proper cooling water temperature. The engine should work under the best water temperature. The general tolerance in the table is used for the dimensional tolerance without tolerance. Because the water temperature is too high or too low, the fuel consumption will increase and the production cost will increase

VII. Use the brake correctly. Try to use less brakes when driving the tractor. Incorrect braking will not only increase the wear of parts, but also increase power consumption and fuel consumption

VIII. Prevent fuel dripping. Regularly check the fuel consumption technology of the engine. If you have any questions, please call us to test, and resolutely put an end to the occurrence of fuel dripping

IX. correctly tow the machines and tools. Correctly adjust the fitting clearance and traction angle of the traction machines and tools. The tractor should be free of open space and small truck; The tire pressure should meet the standard

X. reasonably select gears. Select the gear correctly and reasonably, and select medium and large throttle when working, subject to the fact that the engine does not emit black smoke

source: China National Agricultural machinery and Equipment Corporation

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