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How to read the watt hour meter and calculate the electricity charge

now, generally, every household has installed electricity meters. The function of installing electric energy meters at home is to cumulatively measure the total electric energy consumed by various household appliances. The market value of plastic machinery orders in the United States in the fourth quarter increased by 3 percentage points compared with the third quarter of 2013, which is used as the basis for calculating and collecting electricity charges

the watt hour meter is equipped with a meter, which generally has five readings. The first four digits in the black box represent integers, and the last digit in the red box represents decimals. For example, the meter of a home appliance energy meter shows 23455 (this is indicated by black characters in red), which means that this user uses 23455 kW · h of electric energy

generally, the electricity charge is calculated and collected on a monthly basis. Therefore, the reading of the electric energy meter should be checked every month. When checking, only record the integer, that is, only the number in the first four black boxes of the watt hour meter meter, not the number in the red box. The calculation formula of monthly electricity consumption is monthly electricity consumption = electricity meter indication of this month - electricity meter indication of last month is very difficult. Now, let's calculate the electricity charge of Wang Xin's family in June. At the end of June, the indicator number of Wang Xin's electric energy meter was 2200, and the indicator number copied at the end of May was 2000, then =200. After setting the test method, the end of the experiment can appear automatically (kW · h). In June, Wang Xin used 200 kW · h electricity. If the electricity charge per kW · h is 0.5 yuan, the electricity charge payable by Wang Xin's family is 0.5 yuan × 200=100 (yuan). You can also act as an agent for companies and production enterprises to serve two professional teams. According to the above examples, calculate how many kilowatt hours of electricity your family uses every month

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