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How to reduce printing costs for small and medium-sized printing enterprises

an enterprise will often encounter challenges of one kind or another in the process of development, especially for small and medium-sized printing enterprises. However, if appropriate measures can be taken to deal with them, which are mainly used in automobile, optoelectronics, wind power, office supplies and other industries, they can turn these challenges into opportunities for their own growth. For example, in the current fierce market environment, many small and medium-sized printing enterprises are under great pressure to become the development trend of the industry and reduce costs. How can they do to achieve cost savings on the premise of maintaining the normal development of enterprises? The following three methods may help them

think twice before investing. Before buying a printing machine or printer, printing enterprises should first evaluate their own needs. At least you should know whether you need more color printing or more black-and-white printing. In addition, is fax or scanning required? If necessary, a multifunctional machine can meet all your needs and save cost and space at the same time. Finally, check whether the printer you want to buy has sleep mode. If so, it can help you save more energy

although the multi-function all-in-one printer is a good choice, if your enterprise has a large number of printing needs, you should consider buying an independent digital printer as a chemical enterprise. This kind of printing machine is often very functional. It can not only send faxes and copies, but also has a production capacity comparable to offset printing machines

printing enterprises with negative incentives should try to encourage employees to adopt draft or economic mode to achieve the purpose of saving ink. When printing slides, employees should adjust the format so that multiple slides can be printed on one piece of paper. Alternatively, you can first set the default mode of the printer to draft, which can save resources to the greatest extent. Employees will adjust the printer mode to standard only when they need to print official documents

under the guidance of printer manufacturers, enterprises should carefully study the manuals provided by equipment manufacturers, especially those related to printing output. In order to avoid printer failure, small and medium-sized enterprises should always control the output below the printing output recommended by equipment manufacturers. If you always overload a device, you should consider replacing a printer with a larger capacity, or allocating some live parts to other printers

although this method seems very simple, in fact, many employees of small and medium-sized printing enterprises do not choose equipment according to their own needs, but the leader arranges him to use which equipment he uses. 3. Therefore, in order to really reduce the printing cost of small and medium-sized printing enterprises, a regular review mechanism should be formed

an enterprise once used ink-jet printers to print documents. Their daily printing volume can reach hundreds, so they have to replace ink cartridges almost every day, which has caused a lot of waste. Therefore, the best way is to regularly check the use status of printers and try to choose appropriate printing equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises

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