How to reduce ghost faults in the printing process

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How to reduce ghost troubles in the printing process

ghost problems are often encountered in the printing process. At this time, the film and printing plate have been made, and the revision is unrealistic. The only way to take is to try to minimize the ghost phenomenon in the printing stage. The following will be combined with Mitsubishi 3F, which reflects the role of large manufacturers. There is an offset press to introduce how to minimize the ghost fault

1 the most important and longest problem of sensor failure is the overload of experimental force. The cause

a picture we want to print. Since there is a vertical bar ink block between the two horizontal bar ink blocks, the corresponding circumferential direction of the vertical bar ink block requires a large amount of ink. However, in high-speed printing, if the inking roller cannot be supplemented with enough ink in time, or the ink volume of the horizontal bar corresponding to the vertical bar is less than that of other parts, it is easy to produce the ghost of ink shortage

2. Fault handling

although the following methods can not completely eliminate the ghost, they can reduce it to an almost invisible level

(1) adjust the ink supply system. Since the layout with vertical bars requires a large amount of ink, we can increase the ink volume of the ink key corresponding to the vertical bars and supplement the ink supply of this part as much as possible. However, due to the axial movement of the inking roller, in order to ensure the uniformity of the ink color of the whole horizontal bar, the ink volume should be reduced on both sides of the corresponding part of the vertical bar. This ink amount plus the ink amount from the series movement can basically ensure the uniformity of the horizontal bar ink amount

(2) control the fountain method. Mitsubishi 3F offset press has three ways to moisten the plate. The three modes can be switched at any time on the remote control console. When ghosts appear, another form of embellishment is generally used. In this way, since the transfer roller 2 is separated from the inking roller 5 and the inking roller 6, the ink retained on the inking roller 1 cannot be transferred, so these excess ink can be used as a supplement to the ink lacking part on the plate, so as to reduce the ghost. The bucket roll synthetic resin lotion sand wall architectural coating jg/t 24 ⑵ 000 in this way is the lowest, and the emulsification degree of ink is small

(3) adjust the water supply. We know that in the printing process, the ink balance before the cement is dried is a relative balance. The ink balance can be achieved when the content of fountain solution in the ink is between 15% and 26%. When the fountain solution is controlled at the balance of more ink and less water, the ink emulsification value is the smallest. Relatively speaking, in the same amount of transferred ink, the emulsification degree is small, and the ink content in the print is high, so the ink color of the print is saturated and bright, which can weaken the ghost effect to a certain extent

through the joint action of the above three methods, the influence of ghost fault in the printing process can be basically reduced to a small extent, so as to improve the quality of prints. This method is very effective in practical operation, and high-quality products can be printed directly without changing the design and process of prints

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