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See how modern technology realizes value-added printing

value-added printing is a popular term in the printing industry for several years. It describes such a trend that printing suppliers will try their best to make their own products different after a long time of production through value-added methods, and their suppliers will also provide the necessary financial support. It is usually necessary to add value through various forms of print processing, rather than through coating creep. These processing methods include hot stamping, cold foil transfer, gold and silver powder printing, etc. The latest electronic media also provide good business opportunities for printing suppliers, who can add digital performance to their prints

now, the post press processing systems of printer manufacturers and suppliers provide a large number of alternative methods for the post-processing of printed matter. Whether offset printing, flexo printing or gravure printing are used, post press processing can be realized. The process of post press processing includes coating, lamination, stamping and stamping. The unique punching or die-cutting mode can obtain unique shapes or unique effects

processing products:

initially, when a large number of technical means of value-added printing appeared, many agents, graphic artists and designers realized that they had many ways to choose to recommend the advantages of value-added printing to customers. They know that a product marked with innovation in design can attract more attention, and relatively speaking, the sales volume will be higher than that of other products. Therefore, it can be seen that investment in value-added printing can obtain higher returns

if you go to the supermarket, you will find that not only high-performance reinforced brand materials such as food packaging can better maintain their mechanical properties under the condition of high-temperature engine refrigerant, but also the processing becomes more exquisite under the action of large enough alternating stress. Even magazines, books, CD boxes, and even cigarette boxes are delicately packed in appearance, and every detail is so eye-catching. Most people first choose products that are visually eye-catching

optimization system:

at the 2008 drupa exhibition, we learned about the application of cold foil transfer from printing machine manufacturers. At that time, this technology was still very rare. The past four years have only shown how the solutions of the leading suppliers of offset printing machines in the printing market have been realized in practical applications, while drupa 2012 has shown further development results. Suppliers have optimized their systems, which can be adjusted more quickly according to demand, with less consumables, and can more effectively keep up with the rapid development of the printing industry

the advantage of cold foil transfer printing is not only that the gold foil is transferred by the printing machine during the printing process, but also that the gold foil can be printed immediately after the transfer, which may achieve any desired visual effect. Almost all those that can use traditional printing methods can be manufactured by cold foil transfer, such as eye tone and type. This method makes the post-processing of printed matter easier and cheaper than hot stamping

emotional stimulation promotes sales:

value added printing can stimulate people's emotions and promote sales. Generally speaking, this is completely out of proportion to the high cost of production. However, no matter how much or how little the cost is, it is the most critical to go all out in product processing. Behind every excellent product is a message: what kind of products to sell and what kind of processing process to carry out, which needs careful study. Only after careful analysis can we decide which technical means to choose and which materials to use. In this way, it will be easier to produce similar products, and the demand for specific products will be met

nowadays, the production of specific products can be completed by high-performance digital printing machines, and various possibilities of product processing can be realized. Digital printing can also personalize products and improve the connotation and appearance of products. Therefore, at the drupa exhibition, what was introduced was not only the processing methods of various products provided by traditional suppliers with processing technology (those manufacturers of printing machines and post press processing systems), but also more emphasis on adding value on the basis of many methods, from innovation system to further expansion through printing and post press processing technology, and finally to mailing

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