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How can rooftop photovoltaic power plants reduce costs and increase revenue

at present, photovoltaic power generation systems based on building roofs are more common. When designing and installing photovoltaic power stations on roofs, safety issues are very important, and reasonable design and selection can also bring cost savings and increased benefits

next, in view of the cost savings and income increase that can be brought by the design, installation and selection of photovoltaic power stations on the roof, several precautions for photovoltaic roof installation are summarized and introduced

first, judge the roof type and roof conditions

identify the roof: first of all, we must have a very intuitive judgment on the roof, that is, identify the roof type, whether it is a flat roof or a sloping roof, or in many cases, it is a metal roof, and the composition of the roof, whether it is concrete, ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles or exposed whole materials

judge the roof construction conditions

1 Utilization area: first, judge the available area of the roof, because the available area directly determines the installed capacity of the photovoltaic system. Secondly, the roof should face south, because in the northern hemisphere, when facing south, the power generation is the highest, and receiving solar radiation is the best. It can also be a little bit east or west, generally within a few degrees or about 10 degrees, which can be controlled within 1% of the loss of power generation

2. Shielding: shielding is very critical to the impact of solar power generation system, including the shielding of buildings, and whether there are tall trees around the buildings that affect the daylighting

3 Waterproof: the waterproof condition of the roof depends on whether there is a very good waterproof layer on the roof. If the building does not have a good waterproof system, check whether the power of the instrument is sufficient during the life cycle, which may not meet the use function of the roof

4. Type and corrosion prevention are the basic requirements for the roof: for the metal roof, it is the new jaw structure type that has just started in China. Whether it can be installed or not should be judged first. Corrosion prevention is to pay attention to the anti-corrosion effect of the anti-corrosion paint of the metal roof

5. Load bearing: the photovoltaic system should be built on the roof. If the bearing capacity of the roof cannot meet the photovoltaic construction, this project is not established

the safety of photovoltaic system itself and building safety, including fire prevention, lightning protection and maintenance channels. All contact points should be effectively protected. Lightning protection should be integrated with building lightning protection. Maintenance channels must be reserved for safety during maintenance

II. There are skills in installing the solar panel in the photovoltaic system on the sloping roof

1. The roof tile on the sloping roof is used as the decorative material of the roof, and the solar panel is hung on the roof. How did it hang

when selecting the structure, there are two characteristics of the installation method: 1. The photovoltaic module is mainly installed overhead along the slope. The photovoltaic array is laid parallel to the roof, and the support adopts steel embedded parts to fix the beam in dot matrix

2. The vertical distance between the photovoltaic module installed along the slope support and the roof meets the requirements of installation and ventilation and heat dissipation gap (the overhead distance is generally 150-200mm)

the installation method of the support should pay attention to the connection of the hanging tile strip and the downstream strip to the fixed tile. The second is the form of horizontal tiles, because the ceramic tiles are pasted on the tiles through concrete, and there is no downstream strip, so they can only pass through concrete

as a new material, the roof of linoleum tiles is gradually being used more and more. Because the linoleum tiles are removed and restored again, water leakage will occur if they are not well controlled

therefore, the method adopted is to increase the connection position where the fixed point is connected. The linoleum tile has a certain thickness, which forms a certain space. Before and after fixing, it should be filled with sealant to avoid the hidden danger of water leakage

III. The waterproof layer of flat roof photovoltaic system is very important.

the structure selection of the roof can choose the corresponding support system according to the actual practice of the roof finish. The support system is generally composed of four parts: column, foundation, inclined beam and beam. The battery module is connected with the beam through fasteners. (weight: 0.35-0.50kn/㎡)

installation inclination: take the inclination corresponding to the maximum value of local annual power generation as the installation inclination of the support (theoretical calculation value)

common building structure forms: cast-in-situ concrete frame and floor, steel structure + cast-in-situ concrete floor, brick concrete structure + precast floor

common roof finishes: waterproof membrane, cement mortar protective layer, ceramic tile

the installation method of flat roof is that the bracket is U-shaped steel, which is a very thin-walled profile or aluminum alloy profile. In these two materials, steel profiles have low cost, high strength, stable structure, heavy self weight, and aluminum alloy profiles have high cost and light weight. Compared with the two kinds of cost, steel profile is about 0.2 yuan/watt lower than aluminum profile

IV. the type of steel plate of color steel roof photovoltaic system affects the design.

color steel tiles are generally used in family factories or large industrial plants. The difference between its installation method and the pitched roof is that the installation method of the support is different. The color steel roof is a color steel plate with a fixture clamped on it for support

the power supply can be automatically saved. Its function is that the installation angle is installed along the slope of the roof. If the structural bearing capacity of the roof can be met, the inclination can be tilted up to increase the installation angle. Common roof panel systems are vertical edge occlusion, vertical edge locking system, profiled steel plate system (veneer or sandwich)

to sum up, the precautions for photovoltaic roof installation include roof type and construction conditions, as well as the installation characteristics and selection of different types of roofs, so as to avoid installation hidden dangers, select appropriate materials, reduce costs and expand benefits

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