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How to realize wireless temperature measurement protection of high-voltage switchgear in high-rise residential buildings

Bai Weiwei, ankerui Electric Co., Ltd.

I. overview

the switchgear has the functions of overhead incoming and outgoing lines, cable incoming and outgoing lines, liaison, etc. It is mainly applicable to power plants, substations, petrochemical industry, metallurgical steel rolling, light industry and textiles, factories and mining enterprises, residential areas, high-rise buildings and other different places

temperature monitoring is mainly aimed at monitoring the temperature of the electrical connection points in the busbar bonding points, circuit breaker contacts, cable connectors and high current equipment in the high and low voltage switchgear to promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial interconnection and interconnected finance, so as to prevent the contact resistance from being too large and heating as a hidden danger due to oxidation, looseness, dust and other factors during operation. Temperature monitoring can improve the safety guarantee of the equipment, timely, continuously Accurately reflect the equipment operation status, avoid safety accidents and reduce the equipment accident rate

second, the design standard

quoted standard: the provisions on temperature in gb/t common technical requirements for high voltage switchgear and control equipment standards:

quoted standard: the provisions on temperature swing, hanging swing, feeding, positioning, impact and temperature conditioning settings in dl/t infrared diagnosis application specification for live equipment:

Third, Design scheme

artm series electrical contact wireless temperature measurement scheme is composed of wireless temperature sensor, transceiver and display unit. The temperature sensor is directly installed at the heating contact and sends the temperature measurement data to the temperature measurement terminal through radio frequency technology

4. On site installation

1. The temperature of each contact can be checked in real time, and the over limit value can be freely set to provide a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of high-rise residential buildings

2. The contact temperature monitoring of distribution centers such as residential property logistics distribution has been completed

v. industry demand

1. The closed cabinet cannot be opened during operation, so it is difficult to measure the actual temperature of the contact head in the cabinet during operation. If the overheat defect of the contact head is not found and handled in time, it will seriously threaten the safe production of electric power. It is hoped that the temperature at the joint with large current in each incoming and outgoing line interval of the switchgear can be monitored in real time. Prevent economic losses and personnel accidents caused by tripping caused by faults

2. It can be set and monitored centrally or locally, and voice alarm and group can be carried out through signal wireless transmission to realize remote intelligent monitoring. In this way, there is no need for manual on-site survey, timely check and eliminate potential safety hazards, and provide guarantee for equipment operation

VI. conclusion

high voltage switchgear is one of the important equipment to ensure the safe operation of power system in substations and distribution stations. The application of ankerui intelligent control and wireless temperature measurement products introduced in this paper in forward-looking projects can realize the integration of operation and display, and can monitor the temperature incoming line of busbar, upper and lower contacts of circuit breakers, cable connectors, etc. in high-voltage switchgear, so as to prevent oxidation, loosening Dust, etc. due to the improvement of its own advantages, the contact resistance of the contact is too large and the heating exceeds the annual target, which becomes a hidden danger. Improve the safety guarantee of the equipment, timely, continuously and accurately reflect the operation status of the equipment, avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, and reduce the accident rate of the equipment

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