How to reduce the non-technical cost of wind power

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How to reduce the non-technical cost of wind power in the era of Competitive Allocation

entering 2019, the competitive allocation of wind power has begun, and the parity is just around the corner. However, the obstacle on the road of wind power parity - non-technical costs have not been eliminated

the guidance plan for Competitive Allocation of wind power projects (Trial) issued by the National Energy Administration in May last year has caused considerable fluctuations in the wind power industry. The plan specifies that from 2019, competitive allocation of wind power projects will be implemented. However, the phenomenon of ultra-low price bidding has appeared in the bidding of demonstration projects in 2018

according to relevant data, the price of wind power units continued to decline in 2018, once falling to about 3200 yuan/kW. Some industry experts believe that the price of wind power should be between yuan/kW, and pure price competition will have an impact on the quality of wind turbines, which is not conducive to the development of the industry

this phenomenon reflects that in the process of wind power parity, the whole industry will exert greater pressure on machine manufacturers

in fact, the manufacturing cost of wind power equipment in China is far lower than that in foreign countries, but on the contrary, the investment cost and kwh cost of wind power are higher than that in foreign countries. The high non-technical cost is one of the main reasons

industry insiders have calculated that other non-technical costs, excluding wind curtailment, are equivalent to an increase of about 5 cents per kilowatt hour in wind power costs, while in the "Three North" region, they even reach about 0.1 yuan per kilowatt hour

how does the non-technical cost of wind power come into being

the national energy administration has made it clear that all provinces should avoid the difficulty of plastic decomposition, scorching or finalization due to high temperature (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government). The competent energy departments should strictly implement the sub annual scale and relevant requirements of the new wind power construction scale plan in various regions in the "guiding opinions of the National Energy Administration on the implementation of the 13th five year plan for renewable energy development"

in essence, the local government determines the annual construction scale independently, and determines the specific construction projects through administrative examination and approval. It is understood that there are many problems in this process, resulting in non-technical costs

reselling roadways

when the local government independently approves and determines the wind power project, it allocates the wind power resources to enterprises that cannot reach the capacity. The resulting reselling roadways greatly increases the cost of wind power development. Many people will feel that in the new energy industry, the phenomenon of reselling roadstrips in the photovoltaic industry is very serious, while the phenomenon of reselling roadstrips in the wind power industry is relatively rare

however, some insiders revealed that there are not many such phenomena in the wind power industry, and the road costs of wind power are more expensive. In the first half of last year, the road cost of wind power projects in some northern regions reached 0 8 yuan/watt, but at present it is 0 About 9 yuan/watt

resources for investment

for their own achievements, local governments make full use of wind resources that can be "autonomously controlled" to exchange investment from enterprises. Sometimes local governments will charge enterprises in disguised form in the name of resource transfer, enterprise assistance and donation, which has caused a certain economic burden to enterprises, and the development cost has increased "implicitly" again

the consumption of "not awesome"

the construction cost of wind farms is high and the investment is large. The consumption of "not awesome" has caused a great waste of wind resources. Strictly speaking, the problem of "not awesome" consumption belongs to the kWh cost of wind power, but it has a great impact on the revenue of wind power. Relevant statistics show that the loss caused by wind curtailment in 2017 is equivalent to raising the cost of wind power by 6.3 points/kWh

in addition, there are various expenses such as land costs, infrastructure fees and road repair fees, which have hindered the decline of wind power costs, but people in the wind power industry said that there are practical difficulties in improving other conditions. In a word, in order to realize wind power parity, we should reduce non-technical costs as much as possible

how to reduce non-technical costs

on January 10, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the "notice on actively promoting the work related to the non subsidy parity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation", pointing out that it is necessary to optimize the investment environment of projects on parity and low price, and effectively reduce the non-technical costs of projects

before that, there were also relevant policies that hoped to regulate the work of government departments and power enterprises, so as to break the constraints of non-technical costs, but the final effect was very little

this document clearly states that local government departments are required to support projects on affordable prices and projects on low prices in terms of land use and land related charges, reduce the costs related to the project site, coordinate and implement the project construction and power transmission and consumption conditions, prohibit the collection of any form of resource transfer fees for the development of new development space for the nonferrous metal industry, and do not invest in the construction of local factories It is required or disguised to purchase local equipment as a binding condition for project construction, so as to effectively reduce the non-technical cost of the project

but the most important thing is that the local government can strictly implement the relevant regulations, and the superior competent departments also need to order and prohibit. At the same time, 6 According to the structural principle, it can be divided into electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and servo experimental machines; It needs the supervision of all parties in the wind power industry to remove obstacles for the development of the industry

some wind power industry analysts said that there are two main ways to improve wind power Revenue: first, the decline in the price of wind turbines, and the price war of wind turbines throughout last year has brought great pressure to machine manufacturers; The second is to improve the utilization hours of wind power

solving the consumption problem and improving the utilization hours of wind power are the biggest sources of improving the revenue of wind power. According to its calculation, for every 100 hours of wind power utilization, the cost of kWh can be reduced by about 1.8 points; If you want to reduce the project cost, you need to reduce 500 yuan to achieve the same effect

however, with the improvement of wind curtailment, the space for increasing the utilization hours of wind power will also be reduced. On the whole, there will be less and less room for the decline of wind power costs

in this way, the competitive allocation of wind power in 2019 will be a process of survival of the fittest, and the rigorous challenges will accelerate the technological progress of the wind power industry

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