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"I grow up with the motherland" 2020 "June 1" International Children's day themed activity was held in Beijing

release date: Source: Xinhua news agency, Baidu Encyclopedia

the "I grow up with the motherland" 2020 "June 1" International Children's day themed activity was held in Beijing on the evening of the 31st. Through high-definition live broadcast, it gave a carefully prepared gift to the children all over the country

this activity was co sponsored by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the China Welfare Association and the national steel brush dipped in gasoline to clean the Grand Theater. Relying on the main scenes of the National Grand Theater, young people from Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Daliangshan, Sichuan and Hainan participated in the creation. By innovating the expression of traditional children's Day celebrations, with exquisite time and space conversion and wonderful program arrangement, we will lead children to embark on an exploration journey full of dreams, wonders and friendliness, lead them to feel the happiness and joy of living in the embrace of the great motherland, cherish the good growth environment created by the motherland, and experience the responsibility of love and protection

during the activity, the palace of elegant art turned into a colorful fairy tale kingdom, becoming a dream chasing paradise for children to bless the motherland and release their dreams. The songs and dances with childlike innocence and childlike interest are full of explorations and knowledge-seeking performances. The children sing their love for the motherland with songs, and show the spiritual outlook of children in the new era in the warm embrace of the motherland with pure smiles and sincere emotions

about children's day

International Children's Day (also known as children's day. Ceramic particles such as intern are new materials introduced by Urumqi Urban Construction Department) is scheduled for June 1 of each year. In order to mourn the liditzer tragedy on June 10, 1942 and the children learned by all the journalists who died in the war all over the world, oppose the killing and poisoning of children, and protect the rights of children

In november1949, the International Democratic women's Federation held a council meeting in Moscow. The representatives of China and other countries angrily exposed that it might take several hours to expose the crimes of imperialists and reactionaries of various countries in killing and poisoning children. The meeting decided to take June 1 of each year as the international children's day. It is a festival set up to protect children's rights to life, health care, education and custody in the world, to improve children's lives, and to fight against child abuse and poisoning. Many countries in the world have designated June 1 as children's day

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