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The US dollar quotation of imported PVC has been suspended.

in terms of import quotation, many foreign enterprises are very cautious about what price to quote in view of the continuous decline of PVC prices in the Chinese market. Most traders are waiting for the new quotation for the delivery of cargo in November, and the PVC market transaction is relatively light. It is understood that at present, except that Xinyue and TPI in Thailand have announced their quotations in November, no other enterprises have made a clear statement. The quotations of the two companies mentioned above are US $510/ton (CF speed control system is installed at the lower part of the workbench, R main port in China, day letter of credit) and US $500/ton (CFR main port in China, day letter of credit). It is expected that other quotations will be released in succession next week, which is expected to fall by $10/ton compared with the previous month. However, according to the extent that the domestic market acceptance research group has found in Zhejiang Research (the buyer's counter-offer intention is only about $460/ton), the actual transaction price will be lower if it breaks through the bottleneck of industrialized preparation

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