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If the photovoltaic manufacturing industry enters the Three Kingdoms era, what will you take to share the world

as the saying goes, "the old don't read the Three Kingdoms", because it's easy to lament that heroes are dying. However, the old saying also says, "taking history as a mirror, we can know the rise and fall"

there is nothing new under the sun, because the past and future are full of cause and effect. For enterprise management, cause is the strategic choice

generally speaking, it is not easy to jump out of the trap of existing time and space to understand yourself and the environment. Most of the time, it is obvious that people do not always want to know themselves again. I am afraid that only when they are full and have nothing to do or are about to have nothing to eat

for many PV people serving nearly 102 local factories, now may be a time when there is no food to eat

situational thinking is a methodology of psychology. With this method, we may have a clearer understanding of the role of photovoltaic in this energy change and the current historical situation. For individual enterprises, or with the help of this thinking method, they can more clearly understand their competitive position and future direction

if we are in a familiar historical scene, our thinking will be more interesting. Obviously, the chaos in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and the subsequent Three Kingdoms era are a good choice

if the time period is used to match, I prefer to think that the industrialization of clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic is just like the Yellow turban rebellion caused by the people of Hebei and the subsequent period of hegemony

the Yellow turban rebellion triggered a history of dynasty change. The rise of wind power and photovoltaic has opened a new chapter of energy reform

in fact, whether it was the Yellow turban uprising by Zhang Jiao or the heroes who later fought against the Yellow turban rebellion, they probably didn't have any specific revolutionary road map, but they just drifted with the tide in the course of historical coercion

therefore, introduction to the software functions of photovoltaic 4 and liquid crystal material testing machine, which are rapidly expanding in the flood of industrialization: the enterprise has no long-term strategy, which is also very easy to understand. Even at the policy level, it is difficult to have a clear and stable road map, especially for individual enterprises

it is not surprising that those who are in the game are not easy to step on the rhythm of history. What's more, we are not as arrogant as the ancients. Anyone who comes out and watches the sky overnight will know the future. Nowadays, or the haze is too heavy, the providence can no longer be understood

therefore, just as many readers do not view the Three Kingdoms as a hero based on final success, we do not need to distinguish who is the real hero based on temporary success or failure in the photovoltaic industry. No, we are just small waves in the history of energy reform

however, even if there was no revolutionary road map, the heroes in the late Eastern Han Dynasty still carried the great cause. Even a private figure like Liu Bei, who brought his own dry food, had to focus on begging for pornography. Only then could he finally get one third of the world

at that time, no one knew whose future was. Everyone only knew to seize the territory and beauty in front of us, or to flee around for tomorrow's job. However, most of those who thought they would win did not win

although the history of photovoltaic industry is not long, it is just such a story

"531" photovoltaic new deal is likely to bring a historical turning point to the photovoltaic industry, and the external manifestation of this turning point is likely to be from the era of manufacturing discourse power to the era of application discourse power

from the reports of listed companies, it can be said that the overall performance of China's photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises in the first half of 2018 was good, while a large number of old or new technology manufacturing enterprises, such as Trina Solar, Jingke, Jingao, Suntech, Yingli, GCL, sungrow power, Tongwei, Dongfang Risheng, Longji, are currently in the leading position in the world, and they are also thriving in the overseas market

however, it is a fact that the market growth rate is slowing down. The photovoltaic manufacturing industry may enter the stage of "Three Kingdoms kill" with more fierce competition. No matter whether it is deeply cultivated at home or actively going to sea, the differentiation will further appear. Those enterprises with weak overseas team ability or weak brand will be further compressed. And those so-called whole industry chain enterprises that have simply expanded their scale too quickly or have done everything in the past two years, I'm afraid the life will be more difficult

of course, this is not the time to admit defeat. Such situational thinking is just to further understand the situation. Look at Liu Bei. When Cao Cao and Sun Quan were powerful, they didn't even have a place to live

cities should be built one by one, and the competition in the photovoltaic industry also has phased characteristics. Different historical stages are just different interpretations of "rolling the Yangtze River to the East, waves washing away heroes"

the future of PV is likely to be much broader than we thought. At this turning point, reading the three kingdoms may help us understand and discover many things, such as our position in this period of energy reform history

if you see the current position clearly, you may find the way to the future

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