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Huntsman proposed to list environmental protection standards as import conditions

the industry should adopt stricter environmental control standards, a leading chemical manufacturer called for. At present, the ministers of the world's major pollution emitting countries are meeting in London for the final stage of negotiations before the Copenhagen climate change summit in December

Peter Huntsman, CEO of Huntsman, a well-known American Chemical Group, told the financial times that the United States and the European Union should take joint action to improve the environmental protection standards for production and manufacturing, and take them as a condition for entering the European and American markets, forcing global competitors to comply with these standards. "Our industry should stand up... And work for higher standards, not retreat to the lowest common standards," Huntsman said

however, his words may be regarded as protectionist remarks, because any attempt by the United States and the European Union to directly link environmental control with trade, such as microstructure analysis and microhardness testing, may be regarded as a means to exclude competitors from the western market. Todd Stern, special envoy of US President Barack Obama on climate change, said in London that what developing countries have agreed to so far is not enough. They must take more measures to curb the growth of their emissions

"if we want to control the temperature rise to about 2 degrees Celsius (the safety limit considered by scientists), it is almost certain that the developing countries that can also accurately measure physical properties are not doing enough," he said. "What China is doing now is very important, and it is also very important to do more on the existing basis."

the public opinion survey conducted by Harris for the financial times shows that the public on both sides of the Atlantic strongly supports the demand that China should play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a variety of statistical functions, such as maximum, minimum, average, high and low average, median, standard deviation, overall standard deviation, Cpk value, etc. At the same time, there has been a lukewarm response to funding to help the developing world adapt to climate change. However, Stern said that an agreement could still be reached at the Copenhagen climate change summit in December. Countries will strive to negotiate and reach a follow-up agreement to the Kyoto Protocol at the meeting

"there are difficulties, but it is not so difficult to reach a basic agreement," Stern said

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