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If the 12 emperors of the Qing Dynasty set up a family contact group, the chat content might be like this

history is actually very interesting. For many people, maybe everyone doesn't like history. Why? Because the history in your eyes is still at the level of textbooks, you may not be interested in learning about the people and things in history at all. Therefore, we may be able to introduce history in another way so that history can be popularized faster. For example, there is a bold idea today. If the 12 emperors of the Qing Dynasty set up a family contact group, what would they talk about? Let's have a look

emperor Aixinjueluo Nurhachi of the Qing Dynasty: remember, the kids in the group want to fight in the future. First, they should be hard fisted and second, they should have good excuses! If I want to bully the Ming Dynasty, the excuse I make is very reasonable. Seven hates! I cried after reading it

Emperor Taizong Huang Taiji: no! Dad, that Yuanchonghuan is so bullying! Almost wiped out our family! We stormed the Ningjin defense line several times, but we didn't even dig down a brick on the city wall. It seems that we can only continue to herd sheep in the northeast corner

Dourgen: every day I know how to fight and rush! I want to live or die for a woman. I'm worthless! Comrade Xiao Wu helped solve the problem you haven't solved in your life! No, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance have issued the reply on the special implementation plan for bio based materials in 2014, asking me how to do it. This is personality charm! No way

emperor Shunzhi Fulin: the one above, I dug your grave. Do you know? I'm so angry at you! Besides, you can scold my father for being a waste wood, but I can't bear it if you say there is something wrong with pursuing love! Hey? I just realized who let you into this group! Get out

Emperor Kangxi Xuanye: Dad! Stop it! Shame! If you had half your son's courage and ability, you wouldn't have mixed up like this. Do you know what your greatest contribution in this life is? Chose me

Yongzheng emperor Yinzhen: Dad, to tell you the truth, you are good at everything, but you are too energetic. You gave birth to so many sons in one breath. You have to let me clean up Jinan testing machine factory one by one and wish you a happy New Year's Day! It's really hard! I have done two things in my life: I cleaned up those bastard brothers in the first half of my life and saved money for my son in the second half of my life

Emperor Qianlong Hongli: Dad, I really owe you! The feeling of being rich is good. You can travel if you want to travel, pick up girls if you want to, and bully your neighbor's younger brother if you want to bully. Being rich is arrogant! I am me, a different fireworks in the Qing Dynasty

Jiaqing Emperor Yu Yan: Dad, I found that you are much smarter than my grandfather. My grandfather has worked hard all his life, and you are so popular that you have left me a big gold mine. My father still has a brain

Daoguang emperor min Ning: the British devils are so arrogant that they bully us to export to developed countries mainly in the middle and low end! Lose money. You can't swallow this. You can't fight again! We are ready to bombard our ancestors with artillery. What do you say

emperor Yi Chen of Xianfeng: it's impossible to live! The British French devil burned our backyard! And took our family! Long Mao is tossing about in the south. He is almost killing the Qing Dynasty! Sobbing, I really don't know what to do except cry

emperor Zaichun of Tongzhi: I doubt whether my mother is my real mother. Gong 11. Deformation measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; Like me, I have a tiger mother! If possible, can I choose again

Emperor Guangxu Zai Tian: my father is right! Just follow my father's instructions! Ask your father if you have any questions

emperor Xuantong Puyi: who pulled me in! Wrong person! I am not an emperor, I am not an emperor

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